Moblty: Transforming Retail

In today’s era where digital and web technologies, driven by internet, are helping brands set new standards in customer engagement, the traditional brick and mortar stores are under tremendous pressure to stay relevant. With the objective to help retail stores blur the line between online and offline customer engagement, Moblty has set out to revolutionize the core concept of in-store retail experience with innovative set of tools, digital screens and sensors. “Moblty captures the visitor data and allows retailers to create personalized content and marketing programs as well as campaigns that eventually leads to enhanced customer experiences in the in-store environment,” says Eric Ludwig, CMO, Moblty.

Moblty takes a consultative approach to comprehend client’s commitment to digital transformation and customer engagement. Backed by this information, they decide whether to replace the existing paper or plastic signage with a digital screen, one that plays content—a cycling of static images or video—or to implement programmed display systems that are managed remotely. Moblty can also provide systems that provide analytics to measure client interactions with the screen. These systems can be updated on the fly based on the interactions a customer is having with those display systems, thus enabling retailers to deliver real time personalized and dynamic content.

Once the choice for a particular technology is made, Moblty delves into content procurement where a retailer’s actual creative assets are rendered to the digital screens. Moblty manages software deployment, data creation and analysis, and optimized marketing campaigns. The company accomplishes these tasks through their end-to-end services, including survey of the retail location, electrification, installation and hardware deployment. The software programs can be either pre-configured or customized based on client requirements. Once completed, they start measuring the performance of the customer engagement programs by assessing the interactions between the consumers and the systems. Ludwig points out that these interactions are the holy grail that allow store managers to offer the right product to the right customer at the right time.

In addition, Moblty allows clients to offer their customers the power of ‘do it yourself,’ which essentially keeps the intervention of the sales associate to a minimum.

Our solutions are turnkey, which puts a retailer at par with their online engagement strategies when it comes to in-store experience

By having clear understanding of the visitor’s interest, the store manager can allow the best associate—that has an expertise over customer’s interest—to engage the customer and deliver greater buying experience. With increased customer satisfaction, stores can enhance brand experience and drive revenue. In addition, stores can build an omnichannel engagement strategy based on the information collected in store about an individual. “Our solutions are turnkey, which puts the effectiveness of in-store interactions at par with online engagement,” says Ludwig.

To illustrate, in the case of L’Oreal—the salon and cosmetics giant—Moblty has deployed screens at salons to educate the stylists on different ways in which a particular set of services can be delivered. Moblty would then begin to push additional promotional content for products that the stylists can use in a particular session with a patron; capture selfies and record the history of the interaction between the stylists and customers. The stylist’s screen lets customers look at their last several haircuts and the products associated so the choices for the customer are simplified.

Moblty has the unique ability to build custom content and displays according to the needs of multiple industries. The firm has clients ranging from industries including automotive, cosmetics, hospitality, and medical. Providing integration with several other technology systems existing in the store environment, Moblty delivers the comprehensive customer visibility that helps them make accurate decisions quickly.


Livingston, NJ

Eric Ludwig, CMO

Moblty build cross-channel programs that connect shoppers’ in-store and online customer journeys