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Guy Amir, CEO
Whether it’s the automotive, manufacturing, or financial industry, AI has made an impression on every industry due to its ability to perform multiple tasks and solve complex problems. However, this unique ability of AI to streamline operations comes at a cost.

Yes, AI is a potent tool, but it’s not like one can plug it in and expect results. It requires years of experience to perfect the technology and reap its unique benefits. For this reason, organizations look for an expert to help them navigate the world of AI. Someone they can trust, who can seamlessly integrate AI into their operations and build customizable solutions for them. Modi’in Illit, Israel-based ModifyAI, is an expert offering a wide range of AI-based services to help businesses thrive in today’s hyper-competitive landscape.

ModifyAI provides various services, including custombuilt machine learning models, data science consulting and development, and IoT and AI solutions for smart city and industrial applications. Their deep expertise in AI has helped them deliver numerous successful projects for large enterprises and achieve operational excellence.

“Our goal is to help industrial companies to improve their industrial process with advanced AI technology and practices,” says Guy Amir, CEO of ModifyAI. Before anything, it’s a reliable partner that supports clients at every step of their journey. At the start of every project, its AI experts sit with the clients to truly understand their challenges and requirements. Once there is complete clarity of the outcomes, ModifyAI builds AI systems that can identify patterns in data and provide accurate predictions from sensor data or human input.

For instance, if an organization in the metal industry faces losses due to inefficient systems, ModifyAI can help them identify cracks in its processes. The company’s experts begin their work by inspecting the factories and talking to the workforce.
They also study data from the past to evaluate how each process works. After that, they analyze the data and create AI-driven systems and robotic solutions that are more efficient and capable of filling the cracks.

This approach has helped several organizations, especially those in Israel that don’t have the latest technologies or R&D teams, streamline their operations. ModifyAI has built an R&D team for this specific purpose only so its clients don’t have to spend millions of dollars on creating one.

Our goal is to help industrial companies to improve their industrial process with advanced AI technology and practices

ModifyAI is also known for its fast delivery of AI systems. It doesn’t take weeks or months to develop an AI solution. Its experts quickly understand the client’s needs and the solutions—automation, AI, robotics, IoT, or system engineering—that will serve them best.

These days, ModifyAI is working on some of the most exciting projects. Traffic solutions is one such project where the company collects data from the interaction between vehicles and infrastructure to help people get around cities more efficiently.

ModifyAI is a fast-growing, customer-oriented company that values quality and professionalism. This philosophy has allowed the company to grow into what it is today: a company always looking for ways to improve. More than anything, it understands that people make AI, so it should never replace the value of human life. Instead, AI is a tool that can help people learn, think and enjoy what they do.


Modi’in Illit, Israel

Guy Amir, CEO

The company provisions an intelligent city and industrial automation solution that ensure granular control over critical processes requiring supervision.