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CIO VendorCraig Compiano, President & CEO
Data center facilities have increased significantly, over the years, to enable enterprises in the management of technological solutions and resources that translates into long term financial and operational benefits. “Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) extends the traditional data center management function to include all of the physical assets and resources found in the facilities and IT domains,” says Craig Compiano, President and CEO, Modius. The San Francisco-based firm, Modius is a provider of DCIM software that facilities to work collaboratively to manage all mission critical infrastructures as a single, dynamic system. The company’s DCIM solutions provide operational intelligence to collect, normalize, and analyze data from all of the power, cooling and mechanical equipment including data from environmental management systems. “We offer holistic monitoring and real-time decision support, needed to manage availability, capacity, and efficiency across data center operations,” claims Compiano.

Campiano believes that before making an intelligent management decision, real data is needed on the operational state of the data center. So he introduces a truly affordable DCIM solution, combining comprehensive asset information with real-time data collection and monitoring to improve operational efficiency. “We developed OpenData, a highly scalable software platform for collecting the unstructured-big data that comes from all the different makes and models of data center assets, processes, and activities,” reveals Compiano. OpenData helps to uncover the true state of the data center and get more power, cooling and space.

Modius’s OpenData solutions have three editions—OpenData Enterprise edition, OpenData Standard edition, and OpenData Machine edition. Enterprise edition allows multiple site monitoring and decision support, enabling unified visibility over critical systems. “With OpenData Enterprise edition, one can optimize capacity and increase efficiencies across the entire data center operations, whether assets are being monitored from across the hall or the world,” notes Compiano.

The OpenData Standard edition is a ‘download and go’ DCIM solution that offers a simplified, federated view of real-time performance data and alarms for all networking assets in the data-center.
It simplifies the complexity of managing the diverse power and cooling equipment and IT assets. Thirdly, the OpenData Machine edition is a low cost, unified alarm management and notification solution, which gives the ability to collect performance data for up to 25 devices in a single site and escalate equipment issues before they become major.

Over the years, Modius has helped companies in solving their data center issues. For instance, The Department of Energy (DOE) published a case study outlining the impact of Modius DCIM on the energy and cost savings achieved at the Sybase data-center facilities. “Sybase’s N+1 cooling capacity was at risk due to the center’s rapid growth. We helped them solve this and the facility regained its cooling capacity,” affirms Compiano. “Now Sybase is saving nearly 2.3 million kWh of energy per year,” he adds.

“At Modius, we make it our business to provide with the data you need to make better decisions and manage entire data center estate,” asserts Compiano. OpenData solutions by Modius are completely vendor neutral with no coding required to add new devices across multiple sites. “Users can easily configure their own dashboards and reports with the OpenData analytics at their fingertips.”

With OpenData Enterprise edition, one can optimize capacity and increase efficiencies across the entire data center operations, whether assets are being monitored from across the hall or across the world

In regard to the latest developments, Modius and Emerson, a global manufacturing corporation shall collaborate to create an integrated IoT solution. The solution integrates Emerson’s Therm-O-Disc WirelessHART with Modius’s real-time infrastructure monitoring suite, Opendata, for environmental monitoring and management. “Our work is to simplify the operations of the increasingly diverse and complex facilities and IT environment, while markedly improving performance efficiencies,” concludes Compian


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Craig Compiano, President & CEO

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