Moka5: Robust Security Solutions to Mitigate Legal Risk

Dave Robbins, CEO
Digital security for law firms is a tricky issue as it encompasses greater commercial risk than other businesses. In the light of an ever-changing regulatory landscape, it is critical for firms to dedicate adequate resources to understand their security responsibilities and compliance issues. Dave Robbins, CEO of Moka5 emphasizes, “In addition, emerging cloud and mobility trends in the legal arena have created significant complexities for securing the data.” To provide a solution, Moka5 fundamentally transforms enterprise end-user computing through the use of secure containers to deliver platform and device independent workspaces for the legal market.

The Moka5 platform offers agility, cost management, and security to enterprises. “Our approach focuses on securing the data and not worrying about devices; we simplify IT’s task to manage, secure, and enable remote and mobile endpoints through the use of our unique container architecture,” says Robbins. It allows end-users to work from multiple devices, while providing the centralized control and compliance for IT to prevent security exploits, lost IP, and malware infections. “We provide single console management of multiple containers that secure critical information—from an encrypted, fully-managed corporate desktop to local apps running on mobile devices,” adds Robbins, ”however, the containers are completely isolated from the host and so remain safe from malware, intrusions, or data loss that affects uncontainerized workspaces. For example if there is a negative condition on a particular device, the solution has the ability to shut access to that container for further analyses. Our secure container separates the corporate OS, applications, and data from each other so as to enable easy OS upgrades and patches, application updates, and end-user rejuvenation without having to re-image or go through lengthy recovery processes.”

As part of the Moka5 Enterprise AnyWare platform, M5 LivePC is a policy-enforced container, which enables secure local access to a fully encrypted corporate Windows desktop running on both Mac and Windows. Another solution, M5 LiveData extends mobility by ensuring user access to corporate files from their mobile devices. “Ideal for BYO and other initiatives, IT only manages what’s inside the container ensuring quality and efficiency for personal user,” elaborates Robbins.

With over 130 policies to control the security posture of the container, Moka5 solutions have the capability to provide multiple layers of safety such as scanning the host, data encryption, authentication controls for virtual desktop access, remote access revocation, automated disabling of peripherals, blocking unauthorized network traffic and enforcement of mobile-specific policies. “Our holistic, containerized approach to endpoint security and compliance is gaining a lot of momentum in the market as a simpler, more cost-effective alternative to legacy tool sets,” explains Robbins.

With Moka5, a Windows machine that is unique and pre-joined to the domain can be provisioned to a user anywhere in the world. “This is done via our end user self provisioning portal–we make it simple enough that even end users can do it–saving time, money and aggravation,” says Robbins.

Robbins also agrees that current cloud-based technologies are dramatically changing the legal landscape. “On the Cloud front, modern IT can no longer run every application within their network.

Moka5 empowers end-users to work where, when and how and on the devices they want, while providing IT the centralized control

Moka5 Enterprise AnyWare enables the widest range of deployment options for secure, client-side container management—on-premises, cloud, or hybrid” adds Robbins.

Moka5 has been successful in serving mid-market and Fortune 500 companies, and has been trusted by customers like Goldman Sachs, Shell, Dell, Axa Group, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, and Clifford Chance. The company’s expertise is well reflected in its work with a leading law firm, which was looking for a secured system to manage the BYOD situation (Bring Your Own Device). Moka5 implemented its Live PC solution, to deliver and manage a fully configured corporate Windows workspace that is highly secured and isolated from the underlying host. In another interesting scenario, Wilson Sonsini, one of Silicon Valley’s top law firms was looking to revise its IT department’s endpoint strategy focusing on platform choices and mobility. Moka5 deployed a corporate image in a secure container across multiple platforms, both Mac and PC, which eventually led to a 20 percent reduction in support calls. The result was a fully managed secure workspace on a device of the users’ choice. “With Moka5, the virtual OS is centrally managed, controlled, and updated. It also makes software updates transparent to the end users,” says Robbins.

Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, Moka5 has already expanded its footprint into the United Kingdom, China, and Hong Kong. Robbins credits his team’s out-of-the-box thinking for their success. “Everything is done within Moka5 is managed and executed locally, which makes our whole development process secure and robust,” adds Robbins. Moka5 further reduces time and productivity loss that might occur due to malware infection or other mishap.

For Robbins, the genesis of providing a secured environment dates back to his high school days where he was interested in team coaching. “Today, at Moka5 I coach leadership and management to a group of smart techies, and lead them towards their goal,” says Robbins.

The company plans to continue on its path of offering robust, flexible, and cost-effective IT solutions that emphasize the concept of containers. “We’re proving our service in some of the most demanding security and compliance environments–law firms, financial services, energy companies, insurance, manufacturing, and public sector. Moving further, the company is also planning to expand into six more additional verticals with cloud and mobility as the central focus. Moka5 is ambitiously working on a “next-generation container,” Project SkyNet will bring ‘Enterprise Mobility Management’ like features to Windows and Mac OS. “The service will enable enterprises to become more device- and platform-independent by securing usage of web- and cloud-based enterprise services on any device and any platform, regardless of the ownership model,” informs Robbins.


Redwood City, CA

Dave Robbins, CEO

Delivering simplified, secure containerized workspaces for the enterprise consumer.