moltin: Power of E-commerce through APIs

Jamie Holdroyd, CEO
Creating a consistent and frictionless e-commerce experience across multiple devices has traditionally been an expensive and difficult problem to solve for brands. “Time and again, we see brands compromising countless hours, worrying about what's going on behind the scenes, rather than concentrating on providing seamless customer experience across their channels,” begins Jamie Holdroyd, CEO, moltin. Understanding the limitations of traditional platforms, Holdroyd, along with the Co-founders of moltin decided to take a different approach: the API approach.

Leveraging the data exchange aspect of an API, the founders built a platform that allowed its customers to seamlessly integrate anything from websites to mobile applications, VR experiences, and IoT hardware. “This approach [API] gives both stakeholders and developers an agile solution, with flexibility that can address real business needs, along with security and ease of use of cloud based platforms,” says Holdroyd.

moltin allows brands’ engineering teams to build e-commerce solutions faster, reduce maintenance time and keep pace with ever evolving business goals. It empowers brands to concentrate on things that matter to them most—from the design of their store and overall customer experience to increasing conversion rates and bottom lines. “We look after the backend systems, keeping everything running, updated and secure to ensure global availability and fast response times, even during the critical business times,” adds Holdroyd. As it stands, moltin's platform allows a firm’s development team to apply any programming language, built for any platform and design. Holdroyd takes prides to express that, “If it connects to the internet now or in the future, we can power e-commerce experiences on it.”

moltin encompasses every feature that a brand expects from an e-commerce platform—from inventory management, carts and checkout to payment aggregation of over 200 gateways, customers, multi-lingual, and multi-currency. The most exciting feature that drives customers is the system called “Flows.”
It allows anyone to attach additional fields to an inventory item, or deliver information to a customer, while also allowing brands to create new data-sets within the platform, and link them together through relationships. “It is a tremendously powerful tool that has given life to whole host of amazing use cases—from adding a custom review system, to enhancing the options a user has during checkout,” says Holdroyd.

If it connects to the internet now or in the future, moltin can power e-commerce experiences on it

moltin's engagement with Black Crows, an independent free-ski brand that designs and markets ski equipment and apparel is a good case in point. Black Crows was using an off-the-shelf e-commerce platform, which was not integrated fully with their main site. The site’s design was inconsistent and disjointed, resulting in a compromised user experience. In addition, Black Crows’ potential customers were forced to follow a rigid number of steps to purchase an item, resulting in lower conversion rates. Black Crows needed a solution that would enable them to create a custom design, together with a seamless e-commerce experience. moltin's platform helped the client develop and store any number of additional customizable fields along with the advantage of multi-lingual functionality. Moltin enabled them to improve the user experience, streamline their checkout process, and as a result, the client has doubled the site visitors, increased conversion rates and witnessed a 6x sales growth since the store re-launched in 2015.

From being a small proof-of-concept, moltin today has transformed into a comprehensive e-commerce platform. The platform is completing a rebuilt version 2, which is now in the pilot phase. “The release of version 2 is a huge milestone we are pushing toward,” says Holdroyd. With a shorter release cycle on new and improved features, moltin has received a huge boost in response time across the board, which positions the company to better serve high traffic brands in the future.


Newcastle, United Kingdom

Jamie Holdroyd, CEO

Provides unified APIs for brands to builder smarter e-commerce applications