MomentFeed: Empowering Multi-location Businesses to Engage Consumers on Mobile

Robert Blatt, CEO
“It’s simple. If you show up in online search results, you get business,” states Robert Blatt, CEO of MomentFeed. He is right in saying this. Consumers research online – primarily on mobile – and then use what they’ve learned to buy offline.

Since mobile influences 56 percent of all offline sales, mobile visibility is what every marketer wants. They want their brand, and specifically their nearest location, to be the recommended, optimal choice for every consumer who’s looking for what they sell. Brands that want to be mobile-first in a mobile-obsessed world must be visible and have accurate information across the web, particularly because most consumer interactions with a brand do not happen on the brand’s website.

Understanding the link between online visibility and each location’s success, MomentFeed created their mobile customer experience management software. This platform helps multi-location brands engage with consumers at the local level through every stage of the mobile consumer lifecycle to increase in-person sales.

Optimizing Every Stage of the Consumer Lifecycle

The consumer lifecycle is their journey from first seeing an ad to finding a brand’s location, deciding to purchase and later posting about their experience. MomentFeed gives multi-location brands the ability to engage with consumers through every step of this five-stage buying journey.

1. Awareness: Consumers must know the brand and why it is relevant to them. When consumers research what and where to buy, they use a variety of networks. Following which they become aware of products through ads, social media, recommendations, near-me searches and more. MomentFeed helps brands be seen everywhere by increasing companies’ online reach and engage consumers at the local level.

2. Consideration: Whenever consumers search on mobile – whether it’s through a browser, text or voice search – their results are driven by their location. Since every mobile search is now a “near me” search by default, consumers need relevant, accurate information that is easy to find on any network. MomentFeed’s platform ensures that information across the web is accurate, thorough, relevant, easy to access and found within the top three search results.

3. Preference: When a location’s representation on mobile has rich, locally relevant content that showcases the unique attributes and flavor of the community surrounding that location a consumer is much more likely to prefer this location. MomentFeed’s clients typically see higher levels of preference than non-MomentFeed clients.

4. Transaction: When consumers reach the transaction stage, they need clear, compelling calls to action to purchase. They must trust the store and the product and find the process simple and easy. MomentFeed helps companies provide tailored, location-specific, actionable information where customers will see it and be more likely to complete their transaction.

5. Advocacy: Loyal customers are worth up to 10x as much as their first purchase over their customer lifecycle.
In fact, 90 percent of consumers consult online reviews before making a purchase and 88 percent say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. MomentFeed gives companies the tools to engage with consumers to develop strong online reputations and make the most of online reviews and ratings.

Empowering Every Industry

Each company has needs specific to its sector, requiring tailored mobile marketing approaches and strategies. For example, visual and social content drives momentum for restaurants; in fact, local impressions on social media drive over 80 percent of consumer traffic. In contrast, retailers are more concerned about product visibility across the web while service industries rely on accurate location-specific information. MomentFeed gives each company within every industry the power to tailor their mobile marketing strategy to maximize effectiveness.

With MomentFeed, we’ve been able to increase local awareness, in-store foot traffic, mobile ordering, and overall sales at our restaurants

- Justin McCoy, VP Marketing,
Cousin’s Subs

Wawa, a convenience store and gas station company, is a prime example. Wawa had inaccurate store location data across the web and wanted to be recognized for being more than a gas station—they also wanted to be known as a convenience store with quality sandwiches and coffee. Through MomentFeed’s platform, Wawa improved the accuracy of the geo-coordinates for each location, turning their online location visibility up to a radius of 10 miles from their actual physical location. In the first three months, Wawa’s visibility increased by 100 percent for “gas station and sandwiches” searches, 30 percent for “convenience stores,” and 20 percent for “coffee.”

An Army of Marketers

Over 80 percent of consumers’ time on mobile devices is now spent on just five search networks – Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, and Yelp. MomentFeed has secured official marketing, developer, early tester, and/or advertising partnerships with all of these networks to connect clients directly to their customers and have maximum influence over search rankings and in-store activity.

This makes using MomentFeed like having an army of online marketers – one at every location – all working in unison to drive mobile consumers to each store.

MomentFeed’s Mission

MomentFeed takes their mission very seriously—to be the best partner that their clients have and the best place their employees have ever worked. This mission-driven company has partnered with some of the world’ leading brands including Regal Cinemas, Avis, Sephora, Applebee’s, Mercedes, and many more across multiple markets to do just that.

Unique in the market, MomentFeed considers every client a partner, committed to the success of each business. “We firmly believe that our company only exists to drive the success of our clients’ business and to be the best place where our employees have ever worked,” adds CEO Robert Blatt. “We know that if our solutions deliver true value, partnerships will grow. Our commitment to clients is the most powerful marketing program we’ll ever have.”


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Robert Blatt, CEO

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