Monarch Business Resiliency: A Resilient Disaster Recovery Agent

John Chesser, President
Monarch Business Resiliency, Inc. (MBR) is an independent consulting company focused on IT services, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning, which are specially delivered for government agencies among other verticals. Initiated in 2006, MBR started out as a staffing company, but because of the company’s positive success with projects like BP Chemical, The New York Times, Wellington Financial and several other companies, it became a separate entity in 2007. Headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia, MBR has extensive experience in all levels of IT services and Continuity programs that are designed to deliver quality IT projects and transition data as well as business functions. The company is headed by John Chesser, the President of MBR.

MBR offers a wide range of services including—IT Project Management and Transition, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, Mergers & Acquisition IT Transition and Project Management and IT Outsourcing. MBR’s IT Infrastructure Services and Consulting helps organizations achieve their business goals and operating strategies by providing consultants with the right tools, skills and real world experience.

MBR has an unique approach when it comes to managing their clients and prospects. The company limits the number of managers involved in projects; so there is less interference and a clear and concise path of communication, which produces more effective quality control with outstanding results. “Since MBR is “lean and mean”, we look at businesses not just as IT projects, but instead how we can make them more productive, secure, and resilient in today’s constantly changing world,” says Chesser. “Instead of looking just at technology solutions, MBR takes a holistic view of a company and builds solutions that make the business more resilient and productive with cost effective company solutions using competent, certified MBR consultants,” he adds.

MBR has worked with clients from a diverse range of companies including banking/financial companies, credit unions, oil and gas, petro-chemicals, publishing, manufacturing, supply chain and state and federal governments.

Since MBR is “lean and mean”, we look at businesses not just as IT projects, but instead how we can make them more resilient in today’s constantly changing world

The key point, which makes MBR successful, is its people. MBR consultants have a minimum of 10 years of experience. Based on this experience, along with quality steps and guidelines, MBR assures successful projects, solid relationships, and open lines of communication that assures long-term success.

In a recent project, MBR worked with BP Chemicals, a British Petroleum company on their divestment of two large refineries. The company’s consultants lead the effort to design and executed the cutover of the entire IT infrastructure at these two refineries. The consultants looked at the project from a disaster recovery cutover. One minute the IT infrastructure was running on BP’s system, and the next it was running on an all new infrastructure built out for the new owner. MBR consultants designed, tested and implemented this cutover – everything from the backend (servers, data storage, networks) to the frontend (desktops).

MBR sees the ever-changing landscape of technology—from data consolidation, cloud services, outsourcing and mergers and acquisitions, as a potential opportunity for growth. In a world of instant access to information and the storage of data, there will always be technology enhancements to improve these areas. The continued need for quality consultants to help protect vital company information, manage IT projects, and help companies consolidate and merge, are ongoing processes well-suited for MBR’s services. MBR has carved a niche into the IT and Business world that provides top-notch services to its clients from diverse verticals.

Monarch Business Resiliency

Kennesaw, GA

John Chesser, President and John Grochowalski, VP

An independent consulting company focused on IT services, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning