Monet Software: Pioneer in Cloud-based Workforce Optimization

Chuck Ciarlo, CEO
In today’s commoditized markets, the overall customer experience often is more important than the product itself. The key to a great customer experience is outstanding customer service. There are many facets to delivering great service, but availability, responsiveness, and quality are crucial. Monet Software, a global provider of Workforce Optimization (WFO) solutions delivers high quality services for contact centers. “With our set of WFO tools, our customers can optimize agent schedules, identify call issues and establish quality guidelines, use analytics and performance management to get actionable insights and alerts to deliver a consistent customer experience,” says Chuck Ciarlo, CEO, Monet Software.

Replacing the traditional on-premise model is Monet Software’s cloud-based solution suite for WFO. “Our cloud-based models use a new multi-tenant and elastic computing architecture that is designed to efficiently deliver web-based applications at the lowest possible cost, highest security for web-based deployment, and high performance and scalability through seamless scaling of computer resources,” says Ciarlo. Monet only offers a “true” cloud solution to create the best cloud WFO customer experience.

Along with an integrated WFO suite, Monet establishes Monet Live, a complete suite for contact centers to automate workforce management, quality monitoring, analytics and performance management. Monet Live is a cloud-based WFO software solution that unifies workforce optimization across multiple processes to better meet customer needs and deliver more effective customer service. The system creates efficient schedules for incoming call volumes, tracks key metrics in accordance to company’s business goals, and monitors calls for quality, training and compliance purpose, all in one integrated platform.

Furthermore, and as part of their cloud-based WFO Suite, Monet provides an affordable yet sophisticated call center forecasting and employee scheduling software solution, Monet Workforce Management (WFM) which includes ACD integration, real-time agent adherence, intra-day management, agent-supervisor collaboration, and performance analytics. With Monet Quality, it is possible to record not only the call itself, but also score the call quality, capture the activity that took place on the agent's screen, and score 100 percent of these interactions, giving an accurate and comprehensive view of agent, and team.
“Along with ensuring PCI compliance, Monet Quality assures quality management to deliver grand performance,” adds Ciarlo.

Performance management is a critical part of managing call centers and is essential to help align people, processes and systems to business goals and objectives, such as customer satisfaction, cost control and revenue goals. The company’s Monet Metrics sets a new standard by transforming call center performance management from a reactive to a proactive approach. “Through our in-depth collaborative process, our team helps to understand desk-level activities, work complexity, value added versus non-value added steps, and best practices,” says Ciarlo. For instance, one of Monet’s customers who used spreadsheets to forecast and schedule their agents approached Monet as they spent a lot of time on this, resulting in low service level, low agent motivation, and high cost for staffing. “When they started using our solutions, the entire forecasting/schedule process were not only automated, but became more accurate, making their staffing more precise and productivity skyrocketed,” affirms Ciarlo. Another company came to Monet looking to achieve the service level goal they had set.

Our cloud-based models use new multi-tenant and elastic computing architecture that is designed to efficiently and securely deliver web-based applications

After a few months of using Monet WFO Live, they had dramatically improved their service level and also improved overall customer satisfaction because their customers didn’t to have to wait long times to get their calls answered.

“We at Monet strive to make it easy for customers to buy, set up, and use our solution suite. We also make it easy to add more features and users,” says Ciarlo. In the early 2015, “we are planning to introduce a completely new product that will reinvent workforce optimization,” concludes Ciarlo.

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Chuck Ciarlo, CEO

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