Monetize Solutions: Maximizing Revenue through Big Data Sales & MarketingSolutions

Ben Brewster & Pritpal Sahota, Co-Founders
As organizations successfully availed the perks of Big Data analytics, the next step to enhance their productivity in this landscape is monetizing their massive data – provided they are equipped with essential tools. An enterprise must develop a financial strategy that can transform highly valuable information into potential assets. However, traditional business intelligence solutions lack tools which could monetize data assets by identifying new revenue streams or finding cost savings. “Extracting petabytes of raw data from big data systems like Hadoop is not enough – data must be refined to add value”, points Co Founders Ben Brewster and Pritpal Sahota of Monetize Solutions. Also, lack of adequate monetization tools that are relevant to today’s market scenario, constrain organizations from maximizing their revenue. Addressing the pain-points in this era of information monetization, Monetize Solutions, a big data analytics solutions company, built MonetizerTM Product Suite to affect the bottom line revenue in ‘every positive way'. MonetizerTM Suite is a Sales & Marketing big data solution toolset for both B2C and B2B enterprises which is a collection of several modules built on the storage network—Hadoop. The toolset developed by the company will assist non-technical business users with accelerating the process of intelligence generation and monetization.

Monetizer Product Suite is a cloud based or on-premise ‘self-service intelligence generation’ coupled with pre-built advanced Sales and Marketing ‘Full Customer Spectrum’ view dashboards software solution, which can tangibly generate positive ROI from business intelligence investments. In addition, the team has added several key 3rd party data partnerships to enhance monetization. Referring to ‘intelligence generation,’ Brewster and Sahota say that, “the process of data enrichment and augmentation key foundational components to Monetizer and we have several Sales &Marketing applications pre-built and deployable through our advanced analytics dashboards.” Through its software solution, the company offers intuitive and interactive applications, which enable organizations to generate and publish enriched information which then utilized as actionable intelligence when deployed into their analytics dashboards, many of which are pre-built. The Full Customer Spectrum dashboards provides a prescriptive forward and historical view of the customer, and its pre-built Opportunity Generator tell users which specific opportunities to invest in, and provides searchable Sales Intelligence information leveraging 3rd party data.
Monetize Solutions’ Information Development Solutions team further assists organizations to refine their data into information. Acknowledging IT’s crucial role in monetization, Brewster upholds that, “IT is the key enabler for monetization, so we balance business’ needs to monetize intelligence, while accommodating IT’s need to maintain a scalable and manageable solution resulting in a win-win situation.

Extracting petabytes of raw data from big data systems like Hadoop is not enough data must be refined to add value

Monetize Solutions incorporates real-time streaming for data ingestion, detection, and analysis, using a combination of technologies including Spark Streaming, SparkSQL,Impala, Kudu, Scala on the top of Cloudera (CDH 5). Using such versatile technologies while leveraging Hadoop big data ecosystem, Monetizer operates across the Cloudera big data platform as well as traditional database environments.

Brewster and Sahota recall how the Monetizer self-service solutions transformed one of its client’s businesses by extending the value and optimizing customer’s data without minimal external assistance. He adds that the organization witnessed a quick and incremental increase in the value of their information. Monetize Solutions strives to deliver solutions within weeks
With over 20 years of experience of converting data to information with innovative approaches,the Co-Founders of Monetize Solutions have each catered to requirements of various small, medium, and large enterprises across industries. Keeping in sync with the current market requirements, the company intends to continue to upgrade its monetization platform—Monetizer and simplify the process of intelligence generation. The company’s roadmap incorporates optimizing features and capabilities related to applications which monetize enriched intelligence.

Monetize Solutions

Palo Alto, CA

Ben Brewster & Pritpal Sahota, Co-Founders

Provides Sales and Marketing monetization software solutions by delivering tools that can transform data into valuable information thereby increasing client’s bottom line revenue