Monscierge: Making Connections Easy, Affordable and Scalable

Marcus Robinson, CEO
Companies are continuously finding ways to effectively leverage the power of technology to enhance customer experience and meet the demands of the customer or the guests. Hotels are building direct links to customers through digitalization, and customer accommodation is being seen in a new light due to social and mobile applications. Therefore, major chains in the hotel industry are deducing the right commixes of digital and human interactions to shape guest experiences that are personalized enough while revering privacy.

Founded in 2009, Monscierge, an interactive software company provides clients with a cost-effective and scalable infrastructure so that the clients can control the delivery of information and services to guests. However, guests expect novel ways to communicate and demand curated local content about the areas where they are traveling. “We connect travelers to the information they want throughout the entire guest journey. We help the guests to connect to great local recommendations around the world and build intelligent tools for travelers to communicate with their local hosts instantly and freely,” says Marcus Robinson, CEO, Monscierge. The interactive software company provides an advantageous product which caters to both needs of the hospitality customer and the guest.

Monscierge’s comprehensive platform gives the clients the ability to connect with the guests and provide them information in real time. “Monscierge is focused on allowing the hotel industry as well as the individual hotels and the brands to have a communication platform to connect and communicate with the guests during their whole journey,” says Robinson. The company’s Connect platform works with a responsive design and has multiple options for customization and integration. The Connect platform offers solutions in web, mobile and lobby technology. In addition, the company offers Connect CMS (Content Management System) and Connect Staff solutions. The Connect CMS solution allows hotels to easily and rapidly curate great local content and connect information to the guests whereas the Connect Staff solution allows the hotel staff to improve guest satisfaction by managing and responding to requests in real-time.

We connect guests to great local recommendations around the world and build intelligent tools for travelers to communicate with their local hosts instantly and efficiently

Apart from empowering hospitality professionals and providing solutions to better connect with their guests, Monscierge is focused on staying ahead of the technology curve. The company works closely with industry leaders to global innovation advisory board and is in a partnership with Cornell University, Intel and Microsoft. The company is directed by four key principles and focuses on delivering solutions that are easy to use, easy to scale, easy to do business with and at the same time affordable.

Monscierge has leveraged its extensive industry experience to help many notable clients across the globe. For example, Hyatt Regency Bellevue located at Seattle's Eastside is a big hotel chain company in the hospitality industry. They were seeking opportunities to streamline technology and provide a user-friendly experience for the guests as well as for the staff members. Monscierge's Connect CMS product successfully helped to manage the Hyatt Regency Bellevue's technology needs from one centralized platform and removed the need for multiple technology vendors and saved the hotel thousands of dollars.

Moving forward, Monscierge is focused on really helping and enhancing long term guest experience and satisfaction level. The company sees a big future with regards to contextual computing and developing algorithms. “We will provide intelligent recommendations to the guests based upon their preferences and take the travel experience to higher standards while connecting people to the local areas in a way that was not possible in the past,” concludes Robinson.


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Marcus Robinson, CEO

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