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Collin Mitchell, Co-founder & CEO
It may not be top of mind as a major line item in a company’s budget, but printing costs can add up. Even when much of the day-to-day business is done through electronic means, when you consider printing machines, maintenance, consumables, and time spent monitoring and ordering supplies—as much as six percent of a company’s annual costs come from printing.

Monster Technology, co-founded by Collin Mitchell and his wife Kelly in 2012, aims to help companies control costs and work more efficiently through, among other service offerings, their Managed Print Services (MPS). Unlike traditional one-size-fits-all printing solutions, “we like to take a deeper dive in the assessment process and address the Who, What, When, Where and Why of documents,” says Mitchell. These Five W’s allow Monster to “provide a lot more value in our solution, rather than basic supply fulfillment and service.”

So, where does this added value come from? Two top solutions are packaged together in Monster’s MPS suite: rule-based printing and secure printing.

With rule-based printing, the Monster Technology team takes a broad view of a company’s printing habits— the so-called Five W’s mentioned above. Through a separate piece of software, the solution can identify the answers to these questions and provide much greater cost visibility for the company. That’s when the team can help their client implement rules that can help reduce print volumes.

When a company utilizes secure printing, they realize multiple benefits. “It’s a simple concept,” says Mitchell. “When you optimize a fleet and have networked devices throughout an organization, security becomes a concern.” Having a solution that is not only embedded, but also mobile, allows print jobs to be released either from a mobile device or by the use of a PIN code at the device level.

We like to take a deeper dive in the assessment process and address the Who, What, When, Where and Why of documents

Besides the inherent security component, it also helps eliminate waste. As Mitchell tells us, “it’s common in a networked consolidated environment for print jobs to be released and then forgotten about,” leading jobs to be printed multiple times. With secure printing, waste is automatically eliminated (both environmental and monetary) because print jobs are not actually released until the requester is physically at the machine.

So, what makes Monster Technology stand out from the competition? According to Mitchell, “Monster’s biggest differentiator is our vendor-neutral approach, which allows us to truly provide the best recommendations rather than make a hardware play with a client and call it MPS.” With this approach, Monster Technology can take over any print fleet without any up-front cost. “We can optimize that fleet over time, but only when it’s necessary or it’s a goal of the client,” he continues. “Unfortunately, it’s very common that we see MPS providers talk to organizations about optimizing a fleet, which ultimately means ripping out current hardware and installing new hardware, without ever asking the client if that’s their goal.”

Monster Technology originally began as a value-added reseller of IT products and consumables. From those humble beginnings has emerged a major player in the business technology space. “Today,” says Mitchell, “Monster Technology is committed to simplifying business technology nationwide for our growing list of 2000+ satisfied customers.”

Monster Technology

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Collin Mitchell, Co-founder & CEO and Kelly Mitchell, Co-founder & CFO

Monster Technology is a nationwide provider of business technology, providing industry-leading managed services and document solutions

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