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Ray Montelongo, President
In 2010, Montel Technologies was enlisted by Motorola Solutions to contract Ray Montelongo as a solutions architect for the city of Chicago’s upgrade of its’ video sur¬veillance network, the second largest video surveillance network in North America. For three years, he led and supported the transformation and up¬grade of the existing analog video sur¬veillance equipment to an all-digital IP video network.

Montel Technologies is a certified minority-owned technology engineering firm which specializes in the protection of people, premises and assets; incorporating entrance security, intrusion detection, radio communication and video surveillance. Their comprehensive capabilities include planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of the entire safety communications infrastructure.

As founder and president, Montelongo’s hands-on expertise has allowed him to train a team of elite video engineers specializing in designing and implementing multi-cast bandwidth intensive video. Their main goal in network design is to obtain a network with zero latency and packet loss. Montel Tech has specific methods of procedure in place to guarantee that each network is properly sized for the video infrastructure being deployed. “Our team has more than 100,000 hours of experience in deploying some of the country’s most advanced video infrastructures,” extols Ray.

The company’s solutions incorporate the current trends such as data analytics, license plate recognition and open computing. Analytics is integrated using technologies such as BriefCam, which fulfills the need to review video, investigate and identify incidents rapidly, and act as needed on a global basis. On average, one hour of video can be “synopsized” down to one minute of review time. LPR, or License Plate Recognition, automates license plate reading and identification, making it easier for law enforcement and for municipal and commercial organizations to locate vehicles of interest.

Montel Technologies is developing a platform to deliver their customers a security experience that does not exist in the industry today

Montelongo and his team have been hired by some of the largest Fortune 500 firms to support integration efforts and successfully deploy entire safety communications infrastructure. This year, Montel Tech has already obtained three major airport projects: General Mitchell Airport in Wisconsin, Chicago O'Hare international Airport, and Rockford International Airport - in addition to winning the contract of Wisconsin WeEnergies, a large energy company.

Ray Montelongo admits he is very competitive and driven to deliver the best. According to Ray, “Montel Tech is developing a platform to deliver their customers a security experience that does not exist in the industry today. I can't speak much to it now, but can say we are currently developing and testing a cloud-based application that will allow non-technical managers to monitor and manage the entire security network infrastructure from a standard web browser regardless of the video management software in place. It is currently being tested with Genetec and Verint VMS.”

Montelongo believes a major issue they continue to see when entering a facility is that owners are at the mercy of proprietary systems from manufacturers. Montelongos’ team wanted to design an open standards intelligent tool that could self-learn the network and be managed from one portal, regardless of the VMS in place. As the trend of open computing expands, he feels the companies that start to lead the efforts will be the firms on top in the security industry. Montel Technologies believes projects such as the Open Computing Project (OCP) will set the standards in the future.

Montel Technologies

Chicago, IL

Ray Montelongo, President

Montel Technologies is a technology engineering firm specializing in the protection of people, premises and assets via entrance security, intrusion detection, radio communication and video surveillance

Montel Technologies