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CIO VendorThomas Szwech, Director of Sales & Marketing
Today's students are tech savvy, with a constant desire to access information at their fingertips. As mobility is making great inroads into teaching and learning processes, capturing the student mindshare is becoming challenging for the education industry. Higher education institutions are doing their best to provide mobile offerings to their constituents, and it comes down to two things: resources and budget. The institutions have great ideas but not always the right talent to deliver the desired application, or not enough budget to fund the position or outsource it to the typical highereducation service providers. MooFwd, an innovative mobile software company has come into the landscape creating native and unique apps for enterprise organizations, offering them integrated and intuitive mobile solutions for common and unique business processes.

“At MooFwd, we concentrate on higher education’s advent into mobile. We understand their business, the decision process budget cycles and audience. Our goal is to deliver a high quality and productive solution on time and budget, while being more flexible and affordable than the Student Information Systems (SIS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) providers or other mobile developers and system integrators,” says Thomas Szwech, Director of Sales and Marketing at MooFwd.

The company follows a simple system where it listens to the client first, and strategizes to understand how and where the mobile project can make the biggest impact on important factors like student, faculty and staff engagement, and student retention. They then learn the current or desired workflows to find opportunities for mobile success, and follows through with designing a compelling app for a positive user experience. “We develop intuitive designs that produce clear native code that exceeds development and security standards. After the client approvals, we follow a plan to distribute the project to get users’ attention, educate them on usage and position the solution as a regularly-accessed productivity tool,” adds Szwech.

At MooFwd, all we do is mobile and almost exclusively to higher education

The company has three offerings for higher education organizations in the portfolio of ‘eSuite’ that together touch the phases of the student lifecycle: prospects, current students and alumni. MooFwd eXplore caters to prospective students considering a school for undergrad, graduate courses, or continuing education. It is a full-featured mobile application, customized for the institution that showcases attributes which are pertinent to prospective students. MooFwd eXperience is designed and developed as campus selfservice in a native mobile app. It delivers everything from campus life features to full ‘mobile’ system integration of the most popular LMS, SIS, and ERP systems to enable students, faculty and staff to access important school information while on-the-go. Lastly, MooFwd eXtend keeps alumni engaged with the school by providing a native mobile experience to access data and information they desire as graduates of an institution. It makes checking alumni events, directory, and access to the career center as well as donating back to the school, an easy process.

In the near future, MooFwd plans to offer mobile solutions that can leverage the treasure trove of unstructured data to aid not only the institutions but also the users in a vast array of decision processes. The company is keen on the ‘Internet of Things’ and wearable technology, and has plans to create solutions that deliver relevant or desired content to app users using IoT passively, versus today’s active apps. “We want to be known as an innovative and thoughtful company in the mobile space, especially in the education vertical and have a number of things we are working on for the future to aid educational institutions by utilizing mobile technology for greater student outcomes,” concludes Szwech.

MooFwd Mobile Solutions

Princeton, NJ

Thomas Szwech, Director of Sales & Marketing

Offers integrated and intuitive mobile solutions for common and unique business processes.