Moonwalk: Data Management Solution for Optimizing NetApp Storage

Peter Harvey, CEO
Data is fundamental to all businesses—from streamlining workflows to offering customized consumer experiences. Enterprise applications like ERPs, CRMs and Big Data systems are all data driven. This, along with various requirements of compliance, is driving the insatiable need to not only collect newer data sets but preserve older ones.

To incorporate the huge volumes of data and make them available for processing, enterprises are increasingly building hybrid data storage infrastructure. Expensive active storage arrays with fast data transfer rates facilitate data handling for users and applications requiring low latency, particularly important for OLTP scenarios. Where latency is not critical and where bulk data storage is required, less expensive data storage systems offer a more suitable alternative.

The challenge is the seamless integration of these very different storage technology platforms.

“The current growth rate of data is stretching the limits of many technologies associated with storing, managing, and preserving data. There is truly an elephant in the room,” says Peter Harvey, CEO, Moonwalk. “The solution to address this challenge is not simply about deploying more storage but an efficient cost effective use of storage infrastructure, with the right balance of software, hardware, and data management policies.”

This is where Australia based Moonwalk Universal P/L comes into the picture. The company’s Enterprise Data Management architecture automates and intelligently manages the migration of data between primary storage and additional storage tiers within the enterprise storage infrastructure. It allows the customer to keep the files readily accessible via the primary storage platform while keeping the actual data secure in secondary storage. “For most organisations the bulk of current primary storage can be released by relocating lesser used files to cheaper storage. This in turn leads to an immediate return in investment through reduction in costs associated with storage, backup, media and ongoing management overhead,” says Harvey.

Moonwalk is a single technology for the implementation of data management policies based on the specific operational requirements of any organization. It allows data to be effectively managed according to the various file attributes through simple business policies automating the process of archiving, providing seamless access for retrieval, and most importantly, without the introduction of any middleware or potential points of failure in the data access path.
Moonwalk supports a number of platforms including NetApp Filers that are widely used in the most rigorous data environments by some of the world’s largest organizations. “Moonwalk’s stateless architecture and native NetApp integration provides NetApp customers a massive scale-out, virtually unlimited solution for managing their unstructured datasets,” says Harvey. “Moonwalk 9.3 support for NetApp ONTAP 8 cluster mode is good news for the NetApp user community, many of whom require data management capabilities across both ONTAP 7 and ONTAP 8 cluster mode.”

The Moonwalk Policy Manager allows NetApp System and Storage Administrators to define, allocate, and optimize storage ensuring that data remains safe and immediately accessible whilst significantly reducing the total cost of ownership.

Moonwalk’s stateless architecture and native NetApp integration provides NetApp customers a massive scale-out, virtually unlimited solution for managing their unstructured datasets

“Moonwalk differs from other Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) products in that there is no requirement for any middle tier such as HSM or Data Base servers in the ecosystem,” says Harvey. “Not only does this approach mean significant cost savings in both implementation and on-going operations but also is the key to the performance, scalability and continuity of data access enjoyed by the many Moonwalk customers across the globe.”

“The Moonwalk architecture is our key differentiating factor,” says Harvey. “This, along with the fact that the company is privately owned and well- funded, allows us to adapt to market conditions in a measured way to ensure the continued delivery of a best-of-breed storage management solution.”


Brisbane, Australia

Peter Harvey, CEO

Moonwalk optimizes enterprise data storage systems to reduce costs and ensure compliance.