Morgan &Wolfe: Changing Industry Terminology to Business-Aligned Description

Gabriella Ladogana, Co-Owner & Executive Director
CIOs around the world are leveraging the potential capabilities of technological advancements to encourage their internal and external beneficiary factors for increased ROI. However, the evolution has also posed certain obstructions in the business world. “These ongoing challenges majorly involve the shift to the cloud and line of business system integration among others,” says Gabriella Ladogana, Co- Owner & Executive Director, Morgan & Wolfe. Headquartered in London, England, Morgan &Wolfe addresses these issues by distilling the key business needs within its Information Architecture (IA) methodology. The company embraces the speed of delivery through its business-ready, pre-built, fully functional, CWolfe Business Centre® product.

“With the CWolfe Business Centre®, we not only specialize in Microsoft technologies fit for purpose on first day of implementation, but also install and prepare them in two weeks without any delays, risks, and reliability issues,” says Gabriella. Built on the latest version of Microsoft SharePoint, leveraging the full function set of Office 365, the CWolfe Business Centre® is mobile-ready, super-fast to deploy, integrates easily with most line of business systems, and helps retrieve immediate ROI. Utilizing the extensive services of SharePoint, the company assists its clients in refining their collaboration, communication, and content publication strategies by deploying purpose-fit solutions meeting any custom requirements as a direct result.

Morgan & Wolfe supplements its core services with a range of custom options providing boundless flexibility and scale. “We can even provide administrative personnel to support the transition to Microsoft SharePoint. We bring our protected intellectual property to the benefit of our clients, while ensuring that we de-risk the entire process of leveraging Microsoft technology for the maximum business gain at the fastest speed,” asserts Gabriella.

Working closely with key Microsoft account teams, the firm supports the early Microsoft stack engagement process by translating potential client requirements into a fully demonstrable, client-branded, enterprise-class, Microsoft cloud-hosted solution within a matter of hours.“This allows Microsoft clients to experience the integrated cloud technology stack as a tangible, actual and integrated solution rather than the staid and ubiquitous abstract demo of features and function out of business context,” says Gabriella.

We are leading the shift from feature-set focus to business-aligned service focus

Featuring the company’s tenacity in delivering excellence is its client association with Afren plc, an international independent exploration and production (E&P) company. The client required implementing a fully scalable, enterprise-class, information management solution, providing multiple business services via best-practices driving adoption through direct business alignment. Morgan & Wolfe deployed its own invented SALEM® , the original SharePoint business framework, blueprint and methodology which today underpins its entire SharePoint product line. The client developed an asset framework using SALEM® as the overlying framework for the successful deployment of SharePoint. They also established and analyzed the information flow—where information originates and how it is dealt within the organization—to enable analysis process. Moreover, the client extended its business service line using SALEM®.

The firm transforms a complex product into easy-to-adopt product priced within clients’ budget. “We describe our solutions using business terminology and describe our product as a Business Centre—an integrated one stop shop for business information,” says Gabriella. “Morgan & Wolfe offers its extensive knowledge, learning and thinking within a complete package without any of the risks associated with traditional IT projects.”

Moving forward, the company foresees integrating with business intelligence services to ensure the greatest degree of business information value using our Business Centre. The firm will put greater emphasis on the mobility of collaborative working with the CWolfe Business Centre® as business shifts to greater degrees of cloud and mobile based working on the move. “We look forward to international business expansion and cross-sector client reach through M&W channel partners, particularly with focus on North America and Asia,” Gabriella concludes.

Morgan &Wolfe

London, England

Gabriella Ladogana, Co-Owner & Executive Director

Provides an end-to-end SharePoint solution lifecycle from strategy through to complete solution delivery onsite and online.