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Lou D'Angeli, President
With the wealth of data being generated every day, companies face the constant challenge of upgrading their IT infrastructure to meet these demands. Conventional storage solutions are expensive and complicated to maintain. Whippany, New Jersey-based Morris Technology Partners (MTP) offers customized cloud solutions designed to help businesses improve decision-making, accelerate the pace of innovation, and drive financial results. The certified woman owned, IT as a service organization stores data in its highly secure, pay as you grow, cloud environment while maintaining complete transparency in terms of cost and performance. This ensures clients have a clear understanding of what they are paying for.

At the core of the MTP’s offerings is CloudFusion , a next-generation suite of data management and security solutions which clients can subscribe to as a whole or a la carte. CloudFusion’s origins began with storage as a service (STaaS); “a secure and private cloud storage solution that allows users to store their data in the cloud cost-effectively,” says Lou D'Angeli, President of MTP. The solution is a S3/ Object Storage platform, compatible with Azure and AWS, so data migration between platforms is seamless.

Prioritizing foolproof security, MTP introduced Cyber Security-as-a-Service (CSaaS) through which it caters to the holistic security needs of its clients. The company’s CSaaS provides multiple layers of security for data, which is either in transit or at rest, regardless of the data center in which it is hosted. MTP implements best-in-class encryption for maximum data protection. As an added value, MTP’s DRaaS offers clients the ability to set up their own disaster recovery systems at a reduced cost. The company provides an option for customers to rent the infrastructure required for DRaaS or bring their own.

Furthermore, its Backup as a Service (BaaS) offers flexible implementation options. Clients can either lease MTP’s or bring their own backup solution and replicate data to MTP’s secure private cloud. Either way, their customers are realizing a 60 percent savings when compared to the public cloud option.

MTP is continuously expanding its portfolio of offerings to cater to the growing market demands. Even before COVID-19 made its presence felt, the company introduced CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) as a Service. This service offers a temporary CISO for companies that cannot afford one full-time.

Morris Technology follows a unique client engagement strategy and offers customized cloud solutions with transparent pricing, superior performance and vendor independence, so clients can store any type of data for any amount of time

The consulting service is aimed at assisting clients in filling the gaps in business, IT, and security through business continuity planning, penetration testing, security, and compliance certifications. Soon the company will be adding add a new “CTO as a Service” option amongst other client focused solutions

Catering to a diverse clientele, “Morris Technology follows a unique client engagement strategy where it customizes its solutions according to each individual customer’s short-term and long-term goals,” says D'Angeli. Additionally, as part of its cloud services, the company conducts free training for clients, educating them on how to leverage cloud technology to maximize their benefits.

Using MTP’s solutions, a well-known global retail brand has significantly reduced their IT footprint and cost while improving Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) times to near zero. Impressed with the fast data retrieval capability and storage scalability, the brand has signed a three-year deal with MTP to archive their data. Another client, a bag company, has migrated its entire IT infrastructure to MTP, saving 45 percent of their monthly IT cost. With this transition, the client’s teams have been able to access their multimedia files quickly, which has improved their productivity and process efficiency.

As data security grows in prominence across the globe, MTP continues to work closely with its clients and cater to their evolving needs in the cloud environment. The company aims to develop next-generation solutions that will further enhance data accessibility and security for its clients.

Morris Technology Partners

Whippany, New Jersey

Lou D'Angeli, President and Kristi Telschow, CEO

We are a certified woman-owned, value-added innovator offering the latest in cloud infrastructure, cyber security, storage, and networking related technology products and services.We reduce infrastructure costs through clear direction, simplifying IT, plain language, and optimizing cost.We make it simple. We make it practical. We make it work. We unleash your IT.We also provide some of the most exceptional Staff augmentation to the IT World to date.

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