Mosaic Data Science: Saving Companies Millions through Data Science

Chris Brinton, President and Principal Analyst
“A lot of pain and confusion in the analytics marketplace is around focusing on insights rather than optimization,” says Chris Brinton, President and Principal Analyst, Mosaic Data Science. Many data science consultancies of today merely focus on prediction and classification of data. But businesses need to go beyond just insights. Understanding this, Mosaic Data Science has developed expertise around solving complex optimization problems that range from improving operational efficiencies to safety of air traffic, and deeper into verticals such as medicine, finance, media and telecommunications.

Mosaic’s range of services includes assessments, projects, and coaching. Mosaic’s team of experts first assesses the data science capability, project scope and planning, or data-related opportunities. In the subsequent phases, they execute or lead several flavors of data-centric projects which include analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, decision analysis, and risk analysis. Apart from that, the company offers coaching to organizations that are trying to build and develop a solid data science function. In a nutshell, Mosaic’s offerings find traction on every business problem involves optimization in the presence of multiple kinds of uncertainty.

Solving complex optimization problems is our core area of expertise

Mosaic’s transparency and reliability coupled with their practice of going out of their way to deliver extraordinary value, while maintaining very positive and professional relationships with customers, contributes to their amazing customer retention rate. The company also frequently writes white papers addressing specific business and technical questions, at their prospects’ request.
Led by Brinton’s decades of data science experience, Mosaic has been solving complex and large-scale optimization problems for the likes of NASA, the FAA, FedEx, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, UPS and Lockheed Martin for a decade now. “Not many data science consultancies can say they do rocket science for rocket scientists or logistics for the company that turned logistics into a brand. We were data science before data science was cool,” emphasizes Brinton.

For a large logistics company like UPS–with whom Mosaic has a stellar track record–that operates about 100 large jet aircraft every day, cycle times are critical and avoiding mistakes that cause delays is extremely valuable. Mosaic worked with UPS to help them minimize delay, jet-fuel consumption, and other diseconomies at their air-shipping hub. Ultimately, they built UPS a decision-support system (DSS) that improved their decision makers’ operational awareness, allowing them to review operations to discover opportunities for improvement, and recommended optimal times to start aircraft engines. All of this greatly reduced previously common mistakes, and minimized jet-fuel consumption which alone has the potential to save several millions of dollars. UPS has now used DSS for eight years, and Mosaic estimates it saves UPS about five million dollars per year, yielding a twenty-fold return on investment that will increase with time.

Over the next three years, Mosaic plans to grow their commercial data science consulting practice beyond transportation and logistics, where they already have a strong foothold. The company is also intent on continuing to maintain a high quality of living for their employees, rather than just focusing on maximizing revenue, profit, or growth. “Our employees respond to that by maintaining extraordinarily high standards in our customer relationships, and we intend to zealously preserve those values while growing our commercial consulting practice methodically,” adds Brinton.

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Chris Brinton, President and Principal Analyst

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