MOTOR Information Systems: Powering Automotive World with Data

Paul Moszak, President
Founded in 1903, MOTOR Information Systems, operates as a subsidiary of Hearst Corporation, providing automotive data sourcing and integration solutions. The company provides millions of unique data points completely tailored to business needs.

MOTOR’s products include targeted, timely and accurate data to help its customers achieve their business goals. The products help the software or interactive developer who needs automotive data to drive their end user applications; the business owner who needs parts and labor data for accurate, timely repair estimating; and the technician who needs the most current automotive reference materials to diagnose and repair any vehicle that comes into their shop.

“The data allows the end user to define what is to be performed on their vehicle and when.
Once selected, it allows for the accurate estimate for the selected service, creating shop efficiency and allowing for profitable growth,” says Kevin Carr, President, MOTOR Information Systems.

In addition, MOTOR is engaged in OEM parts research and database management for the automotive aftermarket. Manufacturers, rebuilders, retailers, distributors and electronic cataloging companies rely on this OEM information to build their successful companies. The company also offers information for every repair/collision shop to fix vehicles; information on product offerings like replacement parts and various professional shops equipment. Further, MOTOR publishes magazines that promote brands by designing products using their own data; and for general & specialty repair shops, gasoline service stations, new car and truck dealers.

Since its inception,MOTOR’s mission has been to provide customers with unbiased,accurate, authoritative and reliable information in consistent easy-to-use formats. As MOTOR continues to grow, it envisions that every part or service delivered in the vehicle aftermarket relies on MOTOR information.

MOTOR Information Systems

Troy, MI

Paul Moszak, President

Provides customers with unbiased, accurate, authoritative and reliable automotive data in consistent and easy-to-use formats