Móveo: Making Digital Transformation Easier and Faster

Natale Motta - Co-founder & CEO and Carlo Sarugeri - Co-founder & Managing Director
Digital transformation is at the helm of every industry, encouraging organizations to evolve through technological advancements. “Go digital or go home” is the new reality of the business world. While it’s a mark of progress for organizations leading in their industries, it warns companies still running their businesses in a traditional way. A lack of resources and knowledge to make the best of the latest technologies stops them from racing ahead of the curve.

Over the years, Adobe has enabled various organizations to transform digitally. One company, however, cannot serve the needs of every enterprise. For example, while some want technology stack implementation and backend support, others seek an end-to-end service. This is where companies like Móveo come into the picture. The firm has partnered with Adobe to offer cutting-edge solutions and support to organizations looking to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

“Over the years, Móveo has become the primary Adobe implementation partner and solution provider in Southern Europe, offering solutions integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning,” says Carlo Sarugeri, Co-founder & Managing Director of Móveo.

Móveo’s journey started with customer consultation on the whys and the hows of Adobe. As Móveo grew and its experience diversified, it also added strategy, execution, and software development to its portfolio. Today, Móveo can seamlessly guide its customers in adopting Adobe technologies and use them for communication and marketing strategies.

“Móveo understands what it takes to truly transform digitally; it’s not about raising millions of dollars and investing in the latest technologies. Móveo doesn’t stop at just bringing the tech to the client’s doorstep,” says Natale Motta, Co-founder & CEO.

The company ensures that the client understands the technology inside out. Sarugeri calls this “keeping the humans at the centre of all activities,” a philosophy lived by the people at Móveo.

Once the technology stack is implemented and training is complete, the execution and results come next. Traditionally, organizations used to focus merely on offering solutions and not on providing support.
Móveo, on the other hand, walks with its clients through every step to provide an end-to-end service. Whether it’s Adobe cloud solutions or analytics platforms anyone can completely integrate and leverage these tools to drive revenue and growth.

Móveo has worked with corporations of all sizes across various industries such as automotive and fashion, finance, telecom, and gaming. The company has worked with several organizations in both in Italy and across Europe, creating mobile applications, managing digital assets, and developing marketing campaigns. Partnering with organizations from different backgrounds has only increased the company’s credibility and enriched its experience. The company has operated in Italy for over 20 years and has shown great expertise in Adobe Experience Manager (Customer Experience & Content Management) with a very strong momentum in Adobe Target tools, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaigns. Móveo is also successfully approaching the new Adobe Experience Platform tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Over the years, Móveo has become the primary implementation partner and solution provider of Adobe in Southern Europe, offering solutions integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning

Móveo has expanded its wings to Southern Europe and the Balkan regions in the past few years. While exploring new regions and markets, it continues to support and nurture its current partnerships. The company’s willingness to offer support and quality service has won them several loyal customers--so much so that Móveo has never lost a single customer in the last two decades.

One reason behind this achievement is that Móveo carefully assesses each company before partnering. For Móveo, having a vast clientele comes second to offering excellence to their existing customers. Another reason is its rich experience and quality of service that have made Móveo a trustworthy name in the market. After all, trust holds the digital revolution together as it changes the face of doing business.



Natale Motta - Co-founder & CEO and Carlo Sarugeri - Co-founder & Managing Director

A demand generation agency, Móveo helps organizations in improving their performance through branding, lead generation, and customer engagement. The company delivers custom technological solutions and possesses transversal know how that allows the team to work in all industries with innovation and avant-garde solution implementation.