Movilitas Consulting: Specialized SAP Services for Supply Chain Integrity

Rick Neubauer, CEO
Following the implementation of large Enterprise Applications systems, many companies are now looking to expand their EA systems with solutions providing enhanced functionality. Driven by technology advancements enabling new and improved ways of doing business, or new regulatory compliance requirements, business and IT leaders are looking for targeted solutions to enhance their EA systems, and are demanding solutions that are not only cost efficient and demonstrate a clear return on investment but are easy to install and use anywhere, anytime. Established in Mannheim, Germany, Movilitas delivers SAP supply chain integrity and mobile enabled solutions which solve complex business problems and provide tangible returns. “Our extensive portfolio of offerings, products, preconfigured solutions, and implementation accelerators enable us to deliver cost effective results quickly and with reduced risks,” begins Rick Neubauer, CEO, Movilitas Consulting.

Movilitas offers a focused suite of solutions for SAP Serialization/Track and Trace, Manufacturing Integration, Warehouse Management, Mobility, MRS, and Analytics for both large and mid-size enterprises, as well as SAP B1 solutions for smaller companies with its Produmex software.

The Track and Trace domain has a large team of process and industry experts and an impressive base of industry leading clientele. Movilitas has been implementing Serialization and Track & Trace solutions for over ten years, and has established a track record of success and an enviable set of proprietary implementation tools and solutions that can be customized to meet client specific requirements, while accelerating implementation time. “We see the market for this solution experiencing significant growth as the regulatory requirements are driving Life Sciences companies to address serialization compliance,” says Neubauer.

The Manufacturing domain delivers services and solutions for SAP MII/ME, and ISA-95 compliant MES projects. The SAP Certified Veri95 solution enables manufacturers to set up an ISA-95 based Operational Information Store, within their SAP MII environment.

Our extensive portfolio of products, preconfigured solutions, and implementation accelerators enable us to deliver cost effective results quickly and with reduced risks

This helps manufacturers create their own operations management system between SAP ECC and the engineering/automation level in a fast and standardized way. “Veri95 and its ISA- 95 based models are the foundation layers for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things,” states Neubauer.

The Mobility domain delivers mobile solutions based on Movilizer, a state of the art Mobile Enterprise Application Platform. Movilitas has developed many mobile enabled applications including solutions for SAP PM/CS, CRM, IS-U and MRS, among others, many of which are available out of the box. This cloud based mobile platform allows Movilitas to mobile enable business critical processes at an accelerated pace, with integrated pilots often available in just a matter of weeks.

For Small and Mid-sized Businesses, Produmex, the SAP Business One practice within Movilitas, has specialized in the development of Certified Add-Ons that extend SAP Business One in the area of manufacturing and warehouse management. These Add-Ons for micro-verticals in consumer goods, food & beverage, life sciences, third party logistics and discrete manufacturing are made globally available through the SAP Business One partner network.

Movilitas also delivers Warehouse Management and complementary Analytics offerings and solutions to round out their portfolio. Their deep focus in the Supply Chain Integrity space has enabled Movilitas to develop strong expertise and the most complete suite of offerings and products which differentiate them from their competition. “Going forward, Movilitas will continue to develop our portfolio with enhanced Supply Chain Integrity and Mobile enabled solutions which drive value for our clients,” concludes Neubauer.

Movilitas Consulting

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Rick Neubauer, CEO

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