Movilizer: The Cloud for Mission Critical Mobile Apps

Alberto Zamora, CPO & Founder Oliver Lesche, CFO & Founder Joerg Bernauer,CTO & Founder As the country approaches another Labor Day, American workers have one thing to be thankful for: the changing trends in work habits powered by mobile devices. A part of enabling this trend goes under the credit of Movilizer, a company headquartered at Mannheim, Germany. Alberto Zamora, Joerg Bernauer and Oliver Lesche, the Co-Founders of Movilizer, had realized earlier in their carrier that mobile devices would be the working tools of the future. This made the trio quit their high-profile positions as senior consultants and developers at SAP AG in Walldorf and start innovating in this niche. Today, the result is clear: their company, MovilizerGmbH, is enabling hundreds of enterprises embrace mobility and is facilitating employees to perform business tasks even outside office walls, using mobile devices and cloud services

The New Weapon of Mobility

As the employee’s reliance on mobile and tablet devices continue to grow, by 2018, Gartner predicts that more than half of all business users will first resort to smart devices for online activities. To stay competitive, businesses need to focus more on mobility and prioritize mobile application development projects that enable the workforce—including customers and partners—across devices and channels. Unfortunately, 71 percent of IT teams are already behind in this process, struggling to deliver the multi-channel, multi-device applications required by their business stakeholders. “It’s clear that traditional development practices are not the answer since they are too slow and inflexible,” notes Zamora, Co-founder and Managing Director Sales, Movilizer. To keep pace with demand, and still allow for agility as business needs change, IT teams need a new weapon in their development arsenal. “That new weapon is Movilizer,” says Zamora.

It was Gartner as well who in this year´s report (Gartner Cool Vendors mobility report 2015) pointed out Movilizer as one of the worldwide 5 mobile platforms that are going to re-invent the world of mobility from what we know is today to what it will be in future.

Movilizer is a Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform (MEAP) on the cloud that enables companies to build and operate enterprise mobile apps for mission critical purposes. “Our platform manages the complexity of mobile technology and separates client’s business process from the mobile technology. This allows them to focus on designing the best mobile solution for their business requirements, while the platform manages and optimizes the technology,” affirms Zamora. Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform makes the process of delivering enterprise apps three times quicker—faster to build, deploy, and run.Clients can run mobile apps faster with Movilizer, because they can assimilate all relevant source systems on a single app and save time. And the user just gets an app that does what they need—the complexity of managing multiple back-end systems is hidden,” notes Zamora.
“We also provide the required market agility along with the other 3 key aspects of mission criticality—connectivity/ integration, controllability, and robustness,” he adds.

“Using Movilizer, companies are able to mobilize a wide variety of business processes with a single infrastructure, exploiting the same development patterns, skills, and tools within a common architecture. And apps built with Movilizer run without any changes on multiple platforms, utilizing ‘write-once deploy-many’ principle,” claims Zamora. This also helps enterprises, whose business requirements vary from one industry to the other. “For instance, sales and distribution companies may need mobile printing and barcode scanning; maintenance and service companies need RFID readers, and integration of peripheral measurement devices; companies operating in warehouse might require high speed scanning and picking tables—all fully online via a trusted corporate Wi-Fi direct to their backend system; and B2C or HR companies may need to support un-trusted devices and BYOD. The Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform has the tools for all these scenarios, and much more,” explains Zamora.

"Our Platform manages the complexity of mobile technology and separates client’s business process from the mobile technology"

For instance consider a customer active in wholesale business. The customer was on a look out for a mobile iPad solution that would provide support to their sales representatives at appointments with the company’s customers during their daily tour. They turned to Movilizer for assistance. They latter provided them with the Movilizer SAP Connector that connected the customer’s SAP system with the iPad app. Based on the weekly trip plan the sales representative received the up-to-date data that they need for the sales appointments with their customers. Furthermore, with the field mobile device, the client was able to update the data of their customers at any time and enter the data of offers, contracts or returns.

Pioneering the New Mobile era – the “Enterprise re-invention platform”

Movilizer is not simply another mobile application for maintenance and customer service, but a platform designed on a completely new mobile scenario, i.e., the mobile first scenario. This innovative focus offers numerous advantages. “Firstly, we understand that every client has different needs and we allow customers to structure the process sequence in an individual manner within the mobile application,” reveals Zamora. “Moreover, maintenance and customer service management are not applications isolated from the rest.”

The capabilities of the Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform deliver enterprise apps 3x faster–faster to build, faster to deploy and faster to run

The company’s innovative platform can support any number of customer source systems, internal or external, in a single mobile app.
“Using it, clients can either build their own apps and connectors from scratch, or reuse one of the numerous apps and connectors available out-of-the-box,” notes Zamora.

“Additionally, customers can create fusion solutions of heterogeneous systems for their mission-critical mobile apps, taking enterprise integration to a new level.” By saving a lot of development costs and operating in the cloud, Movilizer enables customers to lower the total cost of ownership of their apps. With Movilizer it is possible to unify data from different systems and online services into one single app, which leads to a much higher-end user adoption.

The company also allows companies to take advantage of a generic, standardized structure to virtually represent real business scenarios as independent processable units. These units, referred to as Movelets, build the first central component of the Movilizer. Movelets contain all required information to execute the business process on the mobile device. This includes the process flow, master data, multimedia and documents (embedded or referenced from the back-end system), as well as possibilities to collect data.

Movilizer offers a built-in “disaster recovery” engine for their entire mobile apps. “Even after the delivery, if clients lose any data in their backend system, it can be recovered from the Movilizer Cloud for a time frame of three months,” notes Zamora. The company has engineered their offerings to provide enterprise-class and robust integration with various enterprise back-end systems, such as those from SAP,, Microsoft, Oracle, as well as any bespoke or best-of-breed enterprise back-end system. “This integration helps companies to build their applications in their language of choice—Java, ABAP, or .NET—and use it in association with any system landscape that they want, bringing the apps on any kind of mobile device and mobile operating system—iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile,” claims Zamora. “Thus companies are able to react considerably faster to changing environments, achieving record go to market times with their mission critical mobile apps.”

For instance, consider the case involving renowned American multi-national beverage corporation, Coca Cola. The Coca Cola Company, along with many other bottlers in the U.S. and Canada has selected Movilizer as their strategic enterprise mobility platform. The client used the Movilizer platform to roll out mobile applications to over 25,000 users including delivery drivers, full service vending drivers, and field service technicians. “Movilizer platform managed the complexity of delivering enterprise mobility—giving our customers a future-proof ability to respond rapidly to changing business requirements for their mobile users,” said an executive of the Coca Cola.

Unlocking Innovation and business model re-invention

Movilizer is currently in the best position to provide real close-end solution and bring together assets and machines with end customers. Going forward, the company aims to be the ‘Go- To’ platform to build robust mobile apps. “We aspire to offer better features and functionalities to make sure that our customers’ purposes are secure, potent, controlled, and connected,” Zamora concludes.


Alberto Zamora, CPO & Founder Oliver Lesche, CFO & Founder Joerg Bernauer,CTO & Founder

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