Movista: Streamlining Field Service Management

Stan Zylowski, Co-Founder & President
In 2010, two retail industry veterans, Stan Zylowski and April Seggebruch, conceptualized a venture, which would revolutionize field team management and enable business leaders to streamline fieldwork. Coinciding with the release of the iPad, the duo’s startup, Movista, was focused on developing a mobile solution for field service management to help organizations manage their distributed workforce. Despite the initial skepticism regarding the viability of enterprise mobile application, the founders of Movista persevered. They built a team comprised of retail experts, innovators, and creative and technical experts, dedicated to developing solutions to increase the efficiency of field workers. Although the company faced yet another hurdle of enterprises adopting smart devices at a slower rate than anticipated, Movista overcame every challenge and is currently celebrating its third consecutive year of experiencing a growth rate exceeding 100 percent. The company has emerged as a growth company and evolved into a software-as-a-service firm that helps bring greater efficiency, accountability, and service excellence to the field workforce management process.

Currently focused on the retail space, Movista provides a common platform for both field service teams and the management to execute business tasks and meet goals, while providing a clear view of their client’s needs. “We deliver a single version of truth regarding business processes to all the stakeholders,” states Zylowski, co-founder and president of Movista. The company’s offering, Movista One, is a unified digital workspace that features GPS tracking, auditing capabilities, project verification, multimedia file sharing, real-time data feedback, and automated payroll processing in a single mobile solution. Movista One helps field agents manage multiple store locations efficiently by streamlining project assignment and task management. The application is also capable of running offline to ensure functionality in remote areas with restricted network connectivity. With Movista, managers have a one-stop solution that tracks project completion status through a constant feedback loop while the in-store check-in system registers employee attendance in real time.

We deliver a single version of truth regarding business processes to all the stakeholders

This generates insights from field operations for managers to leverage and make smarter decisions that impact their business. In addition to regular task scheduling for setting up one-time or recurring projects, Movista One features “hot tasking,” where critical micro tasks can be deployed immediately. For instance, if a product recall is issued, it will take precedence over other scheduled tasks.

Movista white labels its solutions and configures it to client-specific preferences. Clients can also opt for individual modules that are not part of the core functionality such as item management. Movista One can be either integrated into a client’s backend system or implemented as a black box system that is independent of the client’s internal system. Zylowski recounts how Movista helped a large retailer based in the Upper Midwest improve their position in the competitive retail space. After adopting Movista One, the client experienced a 500 percent increase in task count and improved execution time for business processes. Further, the client was able to decrease their management expenses by 12 percent and also implement a program that allowed a single manager to handle seven stores, two more than what was previously possible.

Over the last seven years, Movista has maintained a client churn rate of only five percent. Moving forward, the company plans to expand its platform by leveraging beacon technology and near-field communication protocols to deliver greater insights into the movement and placement of field agents. “We are constantly enhancing our products to honor our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction,” concludes Zylowski.


Bentonville, AR

Stan Zylowski, Co-Founder & President

Enables companies relying on a distributed workforce to easily manage and execute their business tasks and meet goals