Movius: End-to-end Mobile Communication Services for Enterprises

Amit Modi, Chief Product and Technology Officer

The nexus of forces—cloud, social, analytics and mobile chartered a new beginning for enterprises as their workforce are rapidly moving away from traditional desk communications to BYOD practices. The surging need for highly mobile work environment poses a huge challenge for CIOs who are pressured to strike a balance between fulfilling workforce demands of assuring higher personalization of mobile devices to enhance employees’ productivity and enabling better employee engagement without compromising security and privacy. “The rising trends are unveiling security and mobility management as foremost concerns for companies that have readily embraced BYOD strategies,” says Amit Modi, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Movius. Understanding the challenges around guaranteeing seamless communication in device-driven environment, the Atlanta, GA based firm, Movius offers solutions that mobilize the global workforce and enable users to better maintain work-personal coexistence on their preferred devices. The company complements its customers’ existing investments to help them attain reliable, secure, and highly flexible communication services while maintaining compliance.

Movius’ cloud based mobility service allows simple addition of a second (or additional) company-managed number to an existing mobile phone thereby increasing productivity, lowering cost, and improving customer satisfaction. This service frees companies from the burden of managing multiple devices and dealing with various carriers. “We offer a very easy consumption model that works on any carrier network, with any Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution and is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices,” cites Modi. “We deliver the highest quality of communication, which is the cornerstone for driving productivity and customer relationship, permitting users to work irrespective of the availability of wifi or cellular data,” he adds. With its secure voice, secure messaging, call recording, and mobile data usage tracking and reporting capabilities, Movius ensures compliance with all the standards in BYOD environment.

“The fundamental activity that takes place on a device is communication. And a communication line is the glue that ties all the enterprise mobility services together on BYOD,” adds Modi.

The fundamental activity that takes place on a device is communication. And a communication line is the glue that ties all the services together on BYOD

With Movius, companies can not only provide a separate work line on existing mobile device, but they have access to real-time insights and analytics about how that line is being used. This a very disruptive approach, which enables CIOs to address BYOD and COPE challenges related to enterprise mobility management within their existing infrastructure.

The company’s customers mostly include firms where CIOs desire to be able to administer, manage, and make changes very easily in Corporate Liable or BYOD environments without disrupting their present on-premise infrastructure. “Our engagement procedure is very simple—we uncover the pain points and then propose solution to solve them,” explains Modi. For instance, a global multinational company chose Movius to assist them in migrating to BYOD and removing legacy corporate liable devices. The company provided the customer with a comprehensive end to end service that included a work mobile number that would work on any device and any carrier network, usage tracking and reporting capability for voice, text and data usage, international numbers for traveling employees and company’s global offices. The service enabled the client’s administrator to leverage Movius’ administration portal to manage these phone lines on BYO and COPE devices; end result being increased productivity, reduced cost and improved service.

With the aim to be a leader in the workforce mobility space, Movius builds relationship with customers not just to solve their current problem but to become their trusted advisor. While simplifying the mobilization of global work force, the company is also focused on providing deep insights and analytics which drive right usage behaviors.


Atlanta, GA

Amit Modi, Chief Product and Technology Officer

Helps in mobilizing the global workforce through its cloud-based mobility suite