Moxtra: Secure, Embeddable, and Mobile-first Collaboration Solutions

Mani Kadir, VP of Strategic Alliances
In the mid-1990s, Subrah Iyar, now CEO of Moxtra brought communication and collaboration to the PC era when he created cloud computing, and founded WebEx. After his company was sold to Cisco in 2007, Iyar reexamined the collaboration space and recognized that the current technology trends were moving toward mobile devices and mobile workers. What was needed, he realized, was a solution that would be mobile-first, embeddable, and secure.

Mani Kadir, VP of Strategic Alliances for Moxtra, sees a broad calling for the company. “We fit into every technology vertical that has a need for people to collaborate.” To fulfill a wide range of communication and collaboration requirements, Moxtra approaches partnerships in a couple of main ways.

The first is the simple white-labeling and reselling of its “out-of-the-box” collaboration application. This can also be customized to connect into larger client’s existing cloud infrastructure, should this be a major need. The second is its selection of various Software Developer Kits (SDKs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which can be fully customized and integrated into a client’s mobile, desktop, or web application. Moxtra employs a series of layers, or modules of SDKs that enable such features as in-app messaging and file sharing, the ability to record audio and make annotations on a document as well as adding signatures and whiteboarding; powerful meetings that can be joined and hosted from any device, and even by non-app users from a browser.

Moxtra’s components are designed to be not just mobile-friendly but mobile-first, operable across a wide range of platforms, but the other design fundamental is security. Both data in transit and data at rest are encrypted with military-grade encryption. Geofencing to limit movement of data is also available for top-tier clients that require it, such as government agencies. When Moxtra apps are embedded into a client’s platform, the client can seamlessly administrate and assign users to appropriate roles and access levels.

We fit into every technology vertical that has a need for people to collaborate

Of course, maintaining such a high level of interoperability among multiple mobile platforms is no simple task. “About half of the Moxtra team is made up of senior engineers who represent over 300 years of combined cloud collaboration development experience,” says Kadir. “And while for many technology companies mobile has been an afterthought, for Moxtra all development is mobile first. In fact, many times when we partner with clients, our features enable them to cross the bridge to mobile, as our features are instantly deployable across platforms.”

One of Moxtra’s earlier partners was TOTVS, a Brazilian company that is the largest ERP in Latin America and the sixth largest ERP platform in the world. While it had solutions for businesses in multiple verticals, TOTVS aspired to connect users across these verticals with a new product called Fluig and enlisted Moxtra in the effort. “We began embedding our messaging and other SDKs into their system,” explains Kadir. “Once they saw how powerful and comprehensive our capabilities were, they decided to white-label and customize our applications and completely integrate them into the whole Fluig, rather than developing their communication layer from scratch.”

As Moxtra looks ahead, Kadir says the focus will be on optimization and growth. “We’ve spent the past few years adding features. Now we’ve been in the process of further strengthening our infrastructure so that we can continue to easily meet any need any of our partners has. We’ll also continue to be examining strategic vertical-specific partnership solutions for sectors like healthcare, government, and omni-channel services where security and instant collaboration is paramount.” Regardless of specific strategy, Kadir says Moxtra will remain a company that creates solutions, not products.


Cupertino, CA

Mani Kadir, VP of Strategic Alliances

Moxtra provides a set of SDKs and APIs to enable any application’s users to instantly collaborate from within an application. By embedding messaging, documents, annotations and web conferencing, companies can bring their users and content together to grow their app usage, and lifetime customer value to overnight