Mozu: Innovative Technology Accelerating the eCommerce Business

Clay Olivier, CEO
“Years ago my partner, Kevin Sproles, and I attended one of the first O'Reilly Web 2.0 summits where we became convinced enterprise companies needed an API-first commerce platform,” begins Clay Olivier, CEO, Volusion, LLC. Olivier and his team set out to develop an open commerce technology built to give brands total control over their digital experience. “We designed Mozu with a mission to help companies manage their entire online presence—commerce, branding, customer engagement, and publishing,” extols Olivier. Through its personal research and client feedbacks, Mozu found that there’s a tremendous absence of adaptability and extensibility among numerous commerce platforms.

Mozu’s modern technology stack gives IT and development teams the speed, scalability, and security they demand without the maintenance and hardware headaches derived from legacy platforms. “Mozu is built on a REST API from the ground up and is extremely customizable from the admin workflow to the storefront experience,” notes Olivier. Beyond just the open API, merchants can utilize Arc.js to inject code in everything from shopping experiences to checkout flows which delivers ultra flexibility.

“Proffering a best-in-class digital experience can subconsciously transform a random site visit into long-term brand loyalty,” extols Olivier.In line with the same, Mozu drives these experiences with customer segmentation, personalization, sophisticated search, catalog centralization, simplicity, visual sophistication, customized tools and integrations, and has also studied intuition for customer behavior. For instance, Jelly Belly, a Candy Company developed a homegrown eCommerce system with the goal of connecting their clients to retailers.

Mozu is built on a REST API from the ground up and is extremely customizable from the admin workflow to the storefront experience

Eventually, the firm discovered the need to launch multiple responsive sites that would scale their growth and empower their eBusiness team to update merchandize, promotions, and the content. On a lookout for a solution to replace their homegrown system, Jelly Belly migrated to the Mozu platform, expanded their online sales and established a platform for B2C and B2B commerce. This enabled Jelly Belly to offer a natively responsive mobile shopping experience to simplify and enhance purchasing across several devices.

Outside the developing market-leading technologies, Mozu is laser-focused on customer success. “Our enablement team is constantly creating new training, helping with professional service engagements, doing site and code audits as well asfinding new ways to delight our clients,” articulates Oliver.

Mozu will continue to evolve omni-channel commerce technologies and expand further into international and B2B capabilities. “With our modern technology stack and passionate team of ecom-merce experts, we will continue transform the enterprise commerce industry one client at a time,” concludes Olivier


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Clay Olivier, CEO

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