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David Winters-McDonald, General Manager, Sean Clarke, Lead Technologist, David Watkins, President and CEO and Kate Hurry, Art Director
In 1998, David Watkins saw a rapidly growing business demand for websites and web applications, so he left teaching high school media technology to open the web development company MPC Studios. Within a year, three former students were making websites with him. Today, 21 years later, Watkins heads the Texas firm as its president and CEO alongside his former pupils: General Manager David Winters, Lead Technologist Sean Clarke, and Art Director Kate Hurry; along with Jennifer Gutierrez, Amanda Russell, and Gwendolyn McCormick; who have all been with MPC for more than a decade. Together, this small team of stable talent has established MPC Studios as a widely recognized leader in custom website design and software application development, with a client list that crosses many sectors: major universities, municipalities, manufacturers, construction companies, and many small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

The quantity and quality of development that this small team has delivered is staggering. Over two decades, the MPC team has produced a huge variety of projects including complex e-commerce websites, custom hospital intranets, laboratory software tools, and robust product inventory and distribution systems. Following the initial launch of a website or app, MPC will continue to host, maintain, and evolve projects to make sure they always stay safe, functional and improving.

“We’re in the business of creating solutions,” says Watkins. “Every client is unique and different, so we want to take the time and effort to clearly identify and understand what the client is trying to accomplish, and see what solutions we can provide to help them get there. It all starts with a simple conversation.”

The volume of MPC’s diverse experience helps make the discovery process easier for each new project since there’s a good chance the team has already worked on several other industry related projects. After clearly identifying client goals, the MPC team works together to create a realistic strategy for each new project.

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The team believes starting projects with a clear road map is the fastest and most cost-effective way to achieve client goals.

One measurement of the company’s success is MPC Studios’ impressive retention rates, with several current clients dating all the way back to Y2K days. Watkins credits client longevity to proper matchmaking.

“We’re always looking for clients that make a good match with what MPC Studios provides,” says Watkins. “MPC creates outstanding websites and amazing custom software application, and we offer a premium product, something that is a preferred solution for our clients. We don’t actively solicit, but we know that companies are actively looking for a development team like ours.”

Having been recognized for their web design and application development services hundreds of times over the years, MPC Studios continues to find ways to galvanize the enterprise arena with their service offerings focused on creating unique custom solutions for their customers.

“We’re better than we’ve ever been, but we are still improving with every opportunity. We’re helping our clients look more professional, be more profitable and more efficient, and we’re always looking for ways we can improve and provide even more value to them,” concludes Watkins.

MPC Studios

David Winters-McDonald, General Manager, Sean Clarke, Lead Technologist, David Watkins, President and CEO and Kate Hurry, Art Director

MPC Studios is a custom website, software and application development company headquartered in South Texas. MPC Studios has a solid reputation, extensive history and expansive skill-set in custom website design and development that set us apart from our competitors. MPC Studios delivers creative, scalable web designs and Internet based solutions that effectively and professionally serve the needs of our clients. As the most experienced web developers in South Texas, they know how to create an online strategy that generates results.