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Rahul Kukreti, Co-founder & CMO
Hiring the right candidate is a tricky process. Irrespective of the huge volumes of incoming resumes, most companies often fail to shortlist the best candidate for a job. And the reason: an inability to figure out skill mismatches and identify misrepresented facts in the resumes. There is also the case of proxy interviews, which can lead to hiring nightmares. “Recruiting agents perform the keyword search, shortlist the resumes and send it to hiring teams who, after long interview processes, end up not hiring due to lack of skills, or hiring the wrong one," says Rahul Kukreti, Co-founder and CMO, mroads. This is where Paññã, mroads' video interview platform performs the magic. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Paññã helps enterprises vet candidates with the right set of skills in the shortest time.

“The platform facilitates face-to-face interaction—only difference being that the whole process is virtualized on a software platform,” remarks Kukreti. While empowering hiring managers with productive decisions, the platform brings in additional benefits, which are not possible with real interactions. For instance, during technical interviews, recruiters with no or little knowledge on any particular technology can send domain specific technical questions from the solution’s pre-set database repository. The check for right/wrong answers enables major filtration in the first round of interviews. Further, Paññã steers the interview process by generating right questions according to candidate performances. “The AI driven interviews automatically generate questions with flexible complexity—meaning, the complexity of the questions progresses according to candidates' answers,” adds Kukreti.

Above all, mroads differentiates itself with auto evaluation capabilities. After each interview, the auto evaluation feature displays the final and market mediate scores on the dashboards, while giving end-to-end reports that check for malpractices—like candidate going out of focus for long time or surfing other pages online. “We also perform plagiarism check by recording videos from start-to-end to monitor for copied contents, in addition to detecting multiple voices to generate alerts on proxy interviews,” remarks Kukreti.

Paññã is the only solution to have three modules—live interviews, technical interviews and custom adapted interviews on a single platform

"Paññã is the only solution to have three modules—live interviews, technical interviews and custom adapted interviews on a single platform," says Kukreti. This simplifies and streamlines the entire hiring process, bestowing key benefits of reduced cost and time per hire, and improved hire quality. "We guarantee a 30 to 40 percent cost savings along with a reduction of 25 to 30 percent of total time spent on hiring,” he adds.

To highlight mroads' success as an innovative hiring partner, Kukreti explains the story of one of their clients that achieved productive workflows in shortlisting closest fit candidates. The customer previously spent around 25 hours on average to hire two candidates with a closure rate of only nine percent. The efficiency was low in comparison to the requirements, and the expenses were high. mroads allowed the client to hire more people, reaching four hires in just nine hours. "They almost doubled their hiring efficiency, spending only half the time, while increasing the closure rate to 33 percent," notes the CEO.

With brand new approaches and unique hiring solutions, mroads is investing towards developing their 'auto evaluation of videos' feature, to automate interview result generation. "The solution’s algorithm automatically evaluates each interview videos, from start to end, to display the percentage of candidate's performance," explains Kukreti. The whole idea is to help businesses hire the right people quickly and seamlessly, with least possible resources. "Let the machines do the job," he signs off.


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Rahul Kukreti, Co-founder & CMO

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