MSI Data: Cloud-Based Software Enhances Field Service Management

CIO VendorHarvey Shovers President & CEO
Due to the constant downward pressure on profit margins and severe competition among clients, it has become a dire necessity for internal service departments to monitor field resources. Automated field service processes ensure eradication of major challenges like warranty leakage, service offerings, parts management, and service revenue. “We offer a complete solution for field service and workforce automation combined with MSI’s solutions for mobile field service, inspections, audits and sales,” says Harvey Shovers, CEO, MSI Data. Field service management (FSM) is a cloud-based service that combines with hardware and internet to help companies in tracking machines, managing worker activity, distribution of work, ensuring driver safety, managing installs, service or repairs of systems or equipment. Headquartered in Mequon, WI, the company provides advanced FSM software to assist organizations to enhance productivity of their field workforce. Field workforces characteristically perform service work, inspections, surveys, and reporting or sales. The company automates these tasks with software focused on the enterprise, scheduling, and the mobile worker that aims to assist businesses to enhance productivity of their field workforce.

The company’s flagship product, Service Pro, is an enterprise solution for businesses that helps in monitoring field service, depository revamping and maintenance services. By merging world-class service management functionality along with practical usability, the product renders all-in-one service management solution to fulfill business needs. Comprised of impactful potential ranging from dispatching, contract management, and tracking return merchandize authorization (RMA), Service Pro aims to rapidly improve field service performance. Moreover, the product helps in handling the full scope of field service business activities, customer calls, invoicing and reporting. Additionally, the company also offers a wide range of mobile solutions that are flexible in nature and allow users to deploy the software on iOS, Android and windows mobile devices for easy access from any given location. The product merges with a variety of back office systems to increase overall output.
The company has assisted numerous organizations in increasing competence and efficacy with the help of comprehensive software that automates tune-up processes. For instance, American Changer Corp—a manufacturer of bill changers and token dispensers faced a problem with RMA services due to lack of automated notifications to keep track of operations. To tackle the challenges of ERP integration, the company set up Service Pro and experienced improved customer satisfaction. The client now has over 1,500 parts in their system, and Service Pro keeps track of parts detail and pricing changes that helps in saving valuable time. MSI also monitors the inventory management system to keep track of equipment.

We provide a complete solution for field service and workforce automation combined with MSI’s existing solutions for mobile field service, inspections, audits and sales

MSI Data’s integrated service management, mobile field software and depot repair are key components that enhance service performance, facilitating manufacturers and their distributors. The company assists business manufacturers in attaining features like product installation, field service repair, depot repair, and preventive maintenance. As a result, the manufacturers can easily increase competitive advantage, top-line and bottom-line revenue profitability through a combined enterprise solution.

Since the formation of the company in 2010, MSI has burned the candle at both ends to bring out ground-breaking technological innovation, improving field management service processes. With the help of other technology partners, MSI DATA plans to deliver advanced FSM, mobile field service, and mobile inspection solutions to their clients, in the years to come.

MSI Data

Mequon, WI

Harvey Shovers President & CEO

Develops software that enables companies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their field workforce.