MSRCosmos: End-to-End Big Data Lifecycle Management Simplified

Devi Kondapi, CEO
Every industry is experiencing a ‘multi-dimensional’ expansion of data in terms of volume, variety, and velocity. The vastness and diverse nature of business processes that are often handled by multiple systems across the operational value-chain, along with rapidly growing data volumes, results in companies storing data across multiple databases. “Consolidating data from diverse sources and creating a significant business value out of it is a common but tough challenge,” says Devi Kondapi, CEO, MSRCosmos. “Also, presenting the data in an easily consumable format is a cumbersome task entailing a lot of effort, resources, and time,” she adds.

The Stockton, CA-based MSRCosmos addresses all these big data challenges with its innovative product, H-Cube. It easily integrates with popular relational databases such as SAP HANA, Oracle, SQL, as well as with non-relational databases like MongoDB and Cassandra, and facilitates parallel transfer of huge volumes of structured and unstructured, real-time, batch, and streaming data from several data sources to distributed data processing platforms like Hadoop for analytics purposes. Further, H-Cube enables data administrators to view data across single or multiple data tables and controls its transfer by conditional selection of specific table columns. H-Cube also offers real-time data monitoring capabilities through its Job Scheduler.

“It’s not enough to just load the ‘big data’ in Hadoop. It must yield valuable business insights to enable practical decision-making. MSRCosmos equips businesses with the capability to do so with a range of pre-defined solutions to choose from,” says Devi. With over 60 years of combined big data experience and 300 years of combined IT industry experience, MSRCosmos offers big data services to suit specific requirements of companies. “From consulting, architecture, and solution design to platform implementation, transformation, and migration—we undertake end-to-end big data life-cycle management,” she extols. For instance, MSRCosmos has core expertise in SAP HANA and provides services that assist customers to fully utilize its various capabilities such as operational analytics, big data warehousing and, predictive, spatial, and text analytics libraries.
Apart from analytics, MSRCosmos also helps companies with consumer engagement, disaster forecasting and response, planning, and optimization capabilities of SAP HANA. Furthermore, MSRCosmos partners with major cloud and big data companies that include SAP, Hortonworks, Cloudera, MapR, Microsoft, Oracle, and Google Cloud Platform. “We also endeavor to leverage our partnerships in getting us equipped with the latest technical knowledge and expertise,” remarks Devi.

MSRCosmos’ big data products and services find traction across major industries such as retail, airlines, automobile, manufacturing, energy, finance, and telecom. In one instance, a MSRCosmos’ healthcare customer had multiple databases and a huge data pool that needed to be integrated with Hadoop. “Using H-Cube, we helped them connect multiple databases with Hadoop and build customized dashboards for business users,” states Devi.

From consulting, architecture and solution design to platform implementation, transformation, and migration we undertake end-to-end bigdata lifecycle management

“In order to sustain and succeed in an increasingly evolving, competitive, and global business atmosphere,” Devi adds, “enterprises need to constantly innovate.” That is the big reason why MSRCosmos has built a Center-Of-Excellence (COE) for big data, cloud and data management technologies, besides also having a fully equipped and state-of-the-art datacenter to host its COE services. The firm undertakes Proof-Of-Concepts (POCs), architectural assessments, capacity planning, template building, data security, and governance as part of its COE. “Faster turn-around times powered by a huge pool of resources that can be readily deployed both onsite and offshore and certified technology professionals are helping us win more customers and has placed us ahead of our competitors,” concludes Devi.


Stockton, CA

Devi Kondapi, CEO

An end-to-end big data product and services company driving efficient big data lifecycles across various industry verticals.