MTM Technologies: Ensuring Business Success with Citrix

Marcus Holloway, CEO
With the advent of cloud-driven digital technologies, growing companies are looking to expand to new locations while allowing their workforce to stay connected and productive. Enabling collaborative workspace for a geographically distributed workforce, however, requires seamless and highly secure access to business data, apps, and systems. A seasoned Citrix partner MTM Technologies is helping companies build a robust workplace environment by providing them with a fully customizable, cloud-enabled digital workspace. Through AnywhereAppSM, an innovative data delivery application, MTM provides custom technology that allows companies to execute mobility strategies and embrace digital transformation comprehensively.

As the best-in-class workspace-as-a-service solution, AnywhereAppSM facilitates secure access to data, apps, and IT services. The solution can run in any environment—private, public, or hybrid cloud—providing employees the flexibility to access business apps on the go.

Addressing the security concerns, MTM fortifies the security of apps and data through centralization. The firm also provides a security software stack to manage antivirus and malware protection to proactively seal all the security gaps. Furthermore, access to the cloud environment is secured with a requisite authentication system utilizing Citrix’s single sign-on tools. Leveraging WAN, AnywhereAppSM provides scalability and real-time response to the demands of the users and the applications.

Further, AnywhereAppSM allows enterprises to switch to “thin” client from “thick” client, curtailing the expenditure incurred on traditional end-point maintenance. Also, MTM’s Citrix-certified cloud experts assist in custom-building a cloud strategy specific to operational requirements of an enterprise. Using these services organizations leverage cloud services as well as on-premise infrastructure in the right combination to conquer their unique business goals.

“Because of the 20 years of rich experience that we have in working with Citrix, we understand their technology inside out,” says Marcus Holloway, CEO of MTM Technologies.

AnywhereAppSM can run in any environment—private, public, or hybrid cloud—providing employees the flexibility to access business apps on the go.

“As technology has grown over the years, MTM has played a leading role in filling the gaps between the technology portfolio and the evolving requirements of modern businesses.” MTM has been proactive in building new tools to support their managed services to support clients using Citrix technologies. With these tools, they have been able to tackle the challenge of siloed IT support services in the cloud while helping clients to transform from expensive “capex” models to cost-effective “opex” models to run their IT.

In an instance, a Health Maintenance Organization seeking a complete cloud-based workspace discovered that one of their legacy applications failed to operate well in the cloud. Deploying AnywhereAppSM, the client could utilize a single user interface that provided them with a corporate app store, enabling member doctors to access applications and data both remotely and from the data center. The client could successfully accomplish their journey to the cloud, and achieve the ROI that they were looking for by adopting virtualization. Owing to the flexibility of AnywhereAppSM, they could also retain their legacy app with their on-premise data center. AnywhereAppSM also helped them in reinforcing patient data security, securing the ability for people to save data on a local device and providing access exclusively to member doctors.

MTM Technologies intends to continue their endeavours to promote digitalized workspace as a service, staying aligned with Citrix. Eyeing growth, MTM will continue enhancing the virtual work environment with AnywhereAppSM. “Our objective is to continue to grow and expand our Citrix based offerings and we look forward to achieving and celebrating each milestone with them,” concludes Holloway.

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Marcus Holloway, CEO

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