MuleSoft: Transform Your Business with API-led Connectivity

Technology trends like Mobility, Cloud, Big Data and IoT are driving the current business world towards a change. However, achieving the transformation is easier said than done due to the explosion of apps, data and devices and inability to connect them. “It will be impossible to keep pace with innovation using custom code that has an established functionality that cannot adopt to changing needs. The world needs a new way to connect,” says Greg Schott, CEO of MuleSoft. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, MuleSoft provides the platform that changes the ways businesses connect by making it fast, flexible and easy. APIs are the catalyst for this change, unleashing information and eliminating the friction of integration for unprecedented speed and agility. “With Anypoint Platform and its API-led connectivity approach, MuleSoft is lifting the weight of custom connections and freeing companies to innovate faster,” he adds.

With an aphorism ‘Connect everything, change everything’, Anypoint Platform efficiently connects data to devices and applications in a swift, controlled and secure way by building new APIs, composing and designing APIs interaction in a single platform. It offers the fastest way to build, compose and maintain APIs. “Design new APIs in hours instead of days, assemble mashups in minutes, and make changes needed to the back-end or front-end, with minimal impact to integrated systems and consumers,” says Schott.

Besides, being a flexile and collaborated platform for integration, the platform resolves multiple affinity hindrance covering SaaS, SOA and APIs. Schott refers, “Anypoint Platform is the only complete platform that lets companies realize business transformation through API-led connectivity.”

MuleSoft also offers solutions like CloudHub and Anypoint Fabric through Anypoint Platform. While CloudHub delivers a perfect utility of the cloud integration platform without carrying a complex physical component, Anypoint Fabric strengthens the uptime network performance of a machine or device and modifies Anypoint Platform’s runtime engine.

For instance, Mobile connectivity is the elementary projection of present-day efficient workflow. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform offers a wireless communicative application to a system that connects a workflow with company’s partners, workers and consumers. To attain faster
connectivity, companies prefer to design their systems through API as MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform delivers an easy merge of Customer Relationship Management into applications with API and it connects data with marketing apps while avoiding high time-consumption and cost. Greg Schott states, “MuleSoft’s SOA helps companies to unlock the value of data in legacy with APIs that combine loosely coupled assets and delivers business agility and competitive advantage.”

With Anypoint Platform’s API-led connectivity approach, MuleSoft is lifting the weight of custom connections and making business communications fast, flexible and easy

With all these panaceas, MuleSoft cooperates with industries like Healthcare, Media-Telecom, Insurance and Financial services. Partnering with Salesforce, a cloud computing organization, MuleSoft trims and accelerates businesses by fulfilling its networking and data needs like migration and consolidation processes. One of the company’s clients, Citrix, was facing a challenge to build and connect its own infrastructure to the Cloud. “The company wanted to create agility and competitive advantage by pragmatically moving their primary on-premises infrastructure to the cloud without disrupting the current operations,” asserts Schott.

By adopting MuleSoft, Citrix is now able to unlock various opportunities for marketing and sales. The platform offered by Mulesoft boosts the development of a business unit and has the power to carry workload combined with high network speeds to build an efficient communication. “MuleSoft helps companies transform their business, enabling them to deliver mobile customer experiences, turn data into digital assets, and dramatically accelerate their pace of innovation and change,”concludes Greg Schott.


San Francisco, CA

Greg Schott, CEO

MuleSoft makes connecting applications, data and devices easy with its Anypoint Platform, the complete integration platform for SaaS, SOA and APIs

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