Multiview Corporation: Escalating Efficiency and Driving Smarter Decisions

CIO VendorJohn Leslie, CEO & President Over the course of the last two decades, Multiview has established themselves as a premier solution provider for the small, medium and large enterprises in financial market segment. With a vision to empower end users with all the functionalities of a high-end solution, and superior reporting being their forte, Multiview caters to 42 different industries and has an excess of 700 clients across the U.S. and Canada whose revenue ranges from $20 Million to $650 Billion, setting them far apart from other run-of-the-mill software companies.

“At the end of the day, if you can’t do GAAP accounting you shouldn’t be in this business,” says John Leslie, President and Chief Executive Officer, Multiview. Today, there are many companies that are struggling to easily deliver a definitive and formal set of financial reports to their stakeholders and Multiview’s ViewSource360 reporting environment is the linchpin that drives a simple point and click/drag and drop interface that makes it a seamless task for even the non-finance personnel. Invariably, the end users tend to keep all of their financial information close to the desk, but they desire for a tool that makes it easy for them to provide
information to stakeholders. Multiview being a huge data warehouse that is date and transaction driven, helps clients achieve their reporting objectives, all the while providing excellent all-round visibility, transparency and value for money.

Multiview has been very appropriately named, their products provide multiple views of the same data—end users can easily create a GAAP view, a tax view, an organizational view all seamlessly derived and maintained through a set of ownership capabilities and tables from a single dataset. One of the traits differentiating the company competitively and from a structural perspective is their licensing policy; when a client buys a Multiview license they get all the 18 integrated modules– financial/business intelligence reporting environment, general
ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable tools, etc., along with ad hoc reporting and inquiry–all of which have an underlying sophisticated top of the line security model. The ability to integrate with high-end production systems and bring that data into the financial

It’s just a matter of keeping your eye on the ball, understanding where things are coming from and realizing that not every new technology is going to be a winner

repository plus get large enterprises up and running in a very short time period has been adding to Multiview’s reputation as one of the most dependable and effective accounting software providers in the market today.

The luxury home décor retailer Gump’s, relies on Multiview for advanced financial management. After many years of working around the legacy green-screen system, Gump’s needed to overhaul its system and picked Multiview to manage its financials. Multiview enables new reporting and analytical capabilities while eliminating complex Excel spreadsheet workarounds and empowering Gump’s’ financial team. “In our core accounting area, I estimate that Multiview gives us at least 50 percent efficiency boost,” says Mehul Tank, former Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer at Gump’s. Moreover, Multiview’s Rapid Development Technology helped them build and deliver from scratch a Construction-In-Process and Project Management system in just four months for the $7.2Billion public Lord & Taylor/Hudson’s Bay Company.

John finds Software-as-a-Service to be lacking on the performance front besides its security oncerns; and to combat the increasing SaaS adoption, Multiview offers a cost effective hybrid model that will actually feed everyone’s needs. Apart from focusing on mobile computing, the company will continue to break down reporting barriers and simplify BI to the point where even a caveman can use it, putting them at the forefront of firms looking to disperse critical data to end users.

Multiview Corporation

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John Leslie, CEO & President

Provider of sophisticated financial solutions.