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Mike Kilian, Senior Director, Business Development
A digital display board always manages to catch the eyes of onlookers. It creates the possibilities of representing the content in the most imaginative ways possible in order to build brand value among audiences. It’s no wonder then that the digital signage market now accounts for a $20 billion industry, tipped to grow at a CAGR of 7.4 percent and reaching a net worth of $32 billion by 2023. The technological sophistication, too, is growing at a rapid pace—what initially started off with monochromatic moving text on a television has now transitioned into 4K displays mounted on skyscrapers.

“If you look at where the industry was three years ago versus where it is today, it’s night and day,” says Mike Kilian, Senior Director of Business Development at Mvix. “Having been a part of it for 13 years, we understand the ins and outs of digital signage technology,” he adds. Specializing in content-rich digital signage software and hardware, Mvix’s solutions enhance communication in educational facilities, food services, corporate offices, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and several other verticals in the business realm. As each of these industries has distinctive specifications for their relevant audiences, displaying appropriate content in an appealing and engaging manner can prove to be demanding.

Mvix caters to these unique requirements and challenges through dynamic content delivery, intuitive and user-friendly CMS, and content automation strategies—all through its expansive portfolio of hardware and software. The company aggregates information from various databases and applications in real time and automates the content delivery process through its Xhibit signage software platform. “The unique value proposition of our software is flexibility, options, and choices,” explains Kilian. “We allow our clients to leverage automation strategies with greater versatility for content delivery,” he adds.

The company’s portfolio of solutions supports different forms of content display such as video walls, interactive kiosks, and non-touch digital signs.

The unique value proposition of our digital signage solutions is flexibility, options, and choices

By partnering with industry leaders like LG and BrightSign, Mvix enables its clients to download its software right onto their screens and players, and easily manage content from a web browser. As a part of the client onboarding process, Mvix provides Implementation Assistance, where the project management team analyzes the project requirements to tailor the solution to the communication goals of the client.

In a recent program for employee and corporate communications, a client of Mvix required a display for each of its 39 locations. After the completion of Implementation Assistance procedure, the company installed various displays while simultaneously training the client’s staff on how to use the equipment. Mvix eliminated redundant processes such as daily emails and PDF fliers—issued to notify and educate employees on various corporate topics—by circumventing the operations through digital signage for greater engagement. Mvix’s Signature Care service offered continuous support to its client from the initial stages of installation to the present. The Signature Care service also guarantees free hardware updates once every three years.

Kilian explains how flexibility remains the essence of Mvix while discussing its Flex solution, which allows the clients to license Mvix’s software to third-party hardware vendors. “The company derives the principles of agile development methodology to stay on par with customer requirements and the on-going technological advancements.” Such strides have cemented Mvix’s foothold in North America, as it aims to venture into the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region.


Sterling, VA

Mike Kilian, Senior Director, Business Development

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