mxHero: Empowering Business by Converging e-mails with Cloud Storage

Alexis Panagides, CEO
With the rise of enterprise grade cloud storage as a secure and efficient repository of company data, CIO’s have been challenged by slow employee adoption, adoption that is required to realize the significant ROI promised by the new cloud storage paradigm. “Our clients have spent a lot of money on cloud storage rollouts, only to realize that old habits die hard,” comments Alexis Panagides, CEO, mxHero. “We present them an opportunity to not only significantly improve their email communication but also create instant adoption of the cloud. We achieve this by embedding cloud storage into the email experience,” completes Alex.

Microsoft has long been a dominant player in the enterprise email market and its product, Office 365 is rapidly become the cornerstone of the business. Office 365 now challenges Google’s leadership in cloud delivered email services. However, email suffers from lack of productivity, security, and infrastructure efficiency. These challenges are intrinsic to email itself and not specific to Microsoft. “The need of the hour is a powerful solution that improves how email functions for hosted service providers, end users, and businesses of all sizes. mxHero steps in to fill all these voids providing a unique cloud platform to empower businesses,” says Alexis Panagides, CEO, mxHero.

The company’s solution Mail2Cloud is an email and attachment management system that fully harnesses the power of existing cloud storage providers and email services to increase productivity, enhance data security, and reduce IT costs. mxHero enables users and businesses to better manage their email accounts by integrating email and cloud storage, bringing the benefits of cloud storage directly into the email paradigm. Mail2Cloud greatly increases email productivity by replacing email's poor message and file management with state of the art and modern content management technology present in today's best cloud storage services. “mxHero has engineered the true convergence of email and cloud storage. The result was a hybrid technology that went beyond our best expectations,” explains Panagides.

The Mail2Cloud product suite offers multiple applications that integrate email and cloud storage in different and complimentary ways. Mail2Cloud’s Fusion application enhances attachment security by seamlessly moving email attachments out of unsecure email and into secure and compliant cloud storage services.
Senders of the file continue to exercise control over files sent via email even after delivery. Fusion greatly enhances email productivity by transparently replacing email's poor file management with powerful cloud storage.

Another important application of mxHero is Mail2Cloud’s Save and Share that enables users to elevate important emails to document status in the cloud, converting the message into a PDF and saving any included attachments.

Mail2Cloud Retriever is another application that allows users to mine important data from their legacy email. Users and companies can scan legacy email for important information and store it to the cloud for greater security and visibility. Meanwhile, another application Mail2Cloud Archive & Share turns cloud storage into a powerful and compliant email archiving solution.

Mail2Cloud integrates email and cloud storage, bringing the benefits of cloud storage directly into the email paradigm

For instance, a leading electrical supply company adopted Mail2Cloud to solve the common problem of large emails coming into their networks. The company was facing challenges of poor bandwidth in remote areas for accessing, forwarding, and copying email content. Now when employees receive large emails, the Mail2Cloud platform automatically uploads all of the email attachments before delivery to the recipient.

Today, companies are facing new concerns with email – increased volume and size, lower productivity, virus, and security threats and global accessibility-mxHero is an early mover with regards to its approach of using a server side model for integration of cloud storage into enterprise email. “For the road ahead, we aim to accelerate the Mail2Cloud adoption, supporting more platforms and iterating features based on feedback from our users,” concludes Panagides.


San Francisco, CA

Alexis Panagides, CEO

Provides convergence between email and cloud content management solutions with Mail2Cloud, driving cloud adoption/utilization and unleashing powerful synergies that improve email and workflow productivity.