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Bill Cavitt, President & CEO
The aviation industry has evolved in response to an era of new opportunities alongside a changing business landscape. Nevertheless, the industry is in throes of high challenges with increasing competition as well as the increase in fuel prices with each passing day. Aviation maintenance organizations are usually under pressure to manage large inputs and transactions using finite resources. It is the successful management of resources balanced against a wide variety of constraints that separate proactive organizations from reactive organizations. In order to provide a lasting solution Mxi Technologies has developed services in the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) marketplace.

Keeping pace with the future of Aviation, the n-tier, web-based Maintenix Software Suite of Mxi Technologies is fully compliant with Java Enterprise Edition (JEE). Built on current technology platforms and providing platform independence, the Maintenix software Suite delivers efficient maintenance management solutions. A leading MRO Service provider like Mxi Technologies maintains regulatory compliance all the while streamlining process intensive activities, reducing turnaround times, optimizing operational and maintenance economics, improving customer satisfaction and ultimately increasing profitability. “Powered by the exclusive Avinomic Predictive Control System (PCS), the Maintenix product suite is a force to reckon in the Aviation industry,” says Bill Cavitt, President and CEO, Mxi Technologies. Maintenix Operator Solution used for asset management and the Maintenix MRO Solution for selling maintenance services are the two editions of the suite. The role-based structure of the product suite is used for the capture and dissemination of the relevant information. The Maintenix Operator solution provides controlled workflow, automated maintenance, materials planning, access to real-time information as well as paperless execution and compliance. Maintenix MRO is a business management solution built to support predictable, confident and quality service delivery to the Aviation industry. Companies can choose which best suits their needs.
Continuing in the same thread, Mxi’s Maintenix product suite is designed to address the complex configuration requirements of the next-generation aircraft, which sets it apart from the competitors. Another aspect of the differentiating factor is the key aftermarket services that the company provides. “Among the profound changes taking place in the highly competitive aviation community today is the ongoing shift toward after-market service maintenance programs, that can help drive revenues and customer loyalty,” adds Cavitt.

Powered by the exclusive Avinomic Predictive Control System (PCS), the Maintenix product suite is a force to reckon in the Aviation industry

A testament to Mxi’s prowess is the instance where Mxi came to the aid of Mesa Airlines. The American regional airline was looking to replace its legacy maintenance system to attain greater standardization and efficiency in processes across the complex maintenance chain in the areas of planning, materials management, and compliance. After an extensive market review, Mesa Airlines selected Maintenix to deliver a mobile friendly, fully hosted functionality across the airlines’ materials, production, and engineering departments. Through this encounter, Mesa Airlines was able to succeed in enhancing its growth in an exponential fashion.

The future needs of the aircraft maintenance organizations are an ongoing commitment to Mxi, enabling Mxi to effectively address the unique need of the vibrant market. The MRO Cloud is a major step forward in realizing measurable efficiency gains in future. “With an unparalleled commitment to excellence and innovation, Mxi Technologies continues to explore meaningful ways of improving maintenance planning and execution for the customer community and the aviation market as a whole,” ends Cavitt.

Mxi Technologies

Bill Cavitt, President & CEO

Mxi succeeds in providing Aviation Maintenance Lifecycle Management to gain total asset visibility for an accurate and compliant maintenance performance.