MXN Corporation: Wringing Complexity out of Information Technology

Bob Patrick, CEO
The explosion in the demand for computing, the need for great reliability, and the growth of pervasive networks have upped the technical ante for IT staffs.

MXN Corporation is a company in transition from an integrator of third party products to a manufacturer of IT products. “Over the years of performing systems integration we began to notice a curious fact: advances in information technology have enormously helped the productivity of every business segment, except the segment that’s charged with managing information technology. That job has remained convoluted and expensive. This lack of improvement compelled us to change our business a bit and offer products to stop the madness,” says, Bob Patrick, CEO.

MXN decided to develop products to address the largest pain point first: the deployment and management of end-user devices. Repeated lashings of investment, time, and effort haven’t improved the situation here; in fact, the problems have only gotten worse. It’s the result of trying to make a PC technology designed in the 1970’s work in the 2010’s. Their ePortal system is designed to provide a user of web-based and VDl-based applications a supremely reliable and secure tool. These tablets automatically find any local wireless network and establish a reliable, secured and encrypted connection back to the organizational network, without VPN software. They then present only authorized information to their users; and that information is automatically customized to the particular user assigned the device. The system is also designed to deploy without any installation or configuration of local applications or software at all, and all applications—engines, in the ePortal world—are run from the core of the network. “Any organization can deploy hundreds to thousands of ePortals in a day; all perfectly configured and highly secure from information theft, virus and worm infestation, and invulnerable to misuse,” claims Patrick. “And the builtin content development systems allow every department to independently build their own content without having to rely on the IT departments to do it for them. I know that this sounds implausible, but it’s really true.”
An ePortal system doesn’t require the installation and maintenance of client software. “In fact, these devices don’t require any additional software at all—no Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, no AV software, no NAC software, no remote desktop client software, and no filtering software,” says Patrick. The devices run a proprietary OS that can’t be rooted, and the users can’t download and steal information and can’t access improper parts of the network. This makes a highly secure device. “These cost less than half as much as comparable devices. It’s not only a lowtouch system from the IT standpoint, it has since proven to be a zero-touch system, which makes us very happy,” notes Patrick. “If your organization is feeling pain here, know that there’s a way out.”

A Tennessee school system used ePortal in a one-to-one program. The school system just mailed the ePortal tablets to a school and the teachers configured and deployed the tablets on their own, and then developed their individualized instruction for them— all without intervention from the IT department.

Our goal is to design and build IT systems that act like plumbing, which just sit there, year after year, and run without much attention and care

MXN’s goal is to make whatever IT departments have to touch more reliable, simple and inexpensive. “Our goal is to design systems that act just like plumbing, which just sit there, year after year, and runs,” Patrick concludes.

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Bob Patrick, CEO

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