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Neil Patel, Managing Partner, SCE
Today’s leading company’s and industries have disrupted the global supply chain following the widespread adoption of best practices and technology. However, even today a multitude of organizations are deeply rooted and are yet to step out of industry’s legacy practices. These practices not only slow them down but also make it hard for them to break out of the routine and adopt a newer solution or technology. Eliminating this challenge around implementation and change management is My Supply Chain Group (MSCG), a renowned and experienced provider of supply chain process re-engineering and application implementation services. With unparalleled SAP expertise and vast implementation experience, MSCG specializes in helping leading brands and entities create a sustainable strategic advantage with excellence throughout their supply chain processes and applications. Neil Patel, Managing Partner at MSCG, says, “Being a proven integrator and partner of SAP; we provide best-in-class supply chain solutions coupled with SAP best practices and extensions of the product through APIs as a part of our implementation services. All targeted for ease of use of from the supply chain planner to the warehouse operator.”

Established as a trusted adviser of Global & Fortune 500 Companies spread across multiple industry verticals, MSCG marks its niche in business consulting and enterprise software Implementation for Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Supply Chain Execution (SCE). Naren Gangidi, Managing Partner, SCM says, “Our proficient team at MSCG exudes specialized skills including rapid implementation methodology for SAP cloud-based products, automated production support processes and an in-house center of excellence.” SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) has matured to be a best of breed cloud-based planning solutions and MSCG has mastered delivering IBP with an agile methodology and custom data automation tools, including integrating with Non-SAP ERP systems.

With the rise of e-commerce in the future, warehouses will need a robust EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) system that supports faster shipping time and has the capability to handle high volumes of inventory and shipping volumes. In addition to that, this system also needs to ensure a minimized project risk for customers. MSCG achieves this by integrating industry best practices, vast warehouse management expertise and MSCG owned EWM integration/configuration expertise under one roof called ‘Jumpstart.’ MSCG’s jumpstart solutions- a set of custom SAP EWM objects are developed by the company to provide enhanced functionality to standard EWM processes of its clients.
Omar Zuberi, Partner
These solutions constitute best practice differentiators that take the client’s EWM system to the next level in terms of productivity and ease of use on the warehouse floor. MSCG’s jumpstart add-on solutions further enhance the SAP EWM system to provide a stable platform for all industries including retail or e-commerce distribution centers.

As a record of MSCG’s dexterity in their EWM implementations, Jeff Heyde, Senior Director of Enterprise ERP at Dana Corporation affirms, “MSCG played a significant role in the implementation of SAP EWM at one of our global, strategic fulfillment centers. When it came time to implement at a new greenfield location and retrofit Pick by Voice functionality, we chose MSCG as our integration partner again. They did a great job working with our team to design and implement a solution that fit the needs of our business.”

With a combined strength of SAP IBP, EWM, YL, TM, and APO, we are well positioned to compete in the SAP supply chain space without compromise

Currently, MSCG has a stronghold in the markets of North America, Canada, and Latin America with outsourcing presence in India, Australia, and the Philippines. The company envisions continuing to make deep inroads into the retail and e-commerce market in these regions alongside other industries in the ever-evolving digital supply-chain space. “With a combined strength of SAP IBP, EWM, YL, TM, and APO, we are well positioned to compete in the SAP supply chain space without compromise,” concludes Patel.

MSCG is guided by visionary individuals including Neil Patel, Managing Partner, SCE; Omar Zuberi, Partner; Naren Gangidi, Managing Partner, SCM; John Silas, Delivery Partner, SCE; Amin Nasir, Delivery Partner, SCE; Suraj Mhatre, Delivery Partner, SCM; Dan Bhide, Delivery Partner, SCM; Odell Smith, Delivery Partner, SCM; Arturo Melendez, Associate Partner, LATAM; and Scott Eisenberg, Associate Partner, SCM.

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Neil Patel, Managing Partner, SCE and Omar Zuberi, Partner

Specializes in supply chain process re-engineering and solution implementation with focus on Supply Chain Execution (SCE – EWM & TM), and Supply Chain Management (SCM - APO & IBP)

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