MyCase: A Comprehensive Solution for Legal Practice Management

Brian Donahoo, President and CEO
In a conventional law practice, legal firms have to manage a plethora of paper based documents, from accounting of case files to billing. The bulky paper files often result in missed deadlines, misplaced files and even worse, the inconsistencies will tarnish the brand’s reputation. To surmount these challenges, law firms are heavily investing in new technologies to securely organize all the legal documents and provide easy access to all the stakeholders involved in the case. The Goleta, CA, based company, MyCase provides cloud-based legal practice management software that allows lawyers to simplify and streamline their complicated workflow. “MyCase platform is a comprehensive and intuitive legal practice management system coupled with a private portal that enables secure client communications,” explains Brian Donahoo, President and CEO, MyCase. The firm’s platform enables law professionals to access their emails, documents, client contact information, billing data and more through a secure web-based interface or through MyCase mobile app.

MyCase offers a wide array of tools which acts as an “extra hand” for attorneys while improving efficiency and productivity of the modern day legal firms. The flexibility of the software enables law professionals to send secure, encrypted messages to their clients directly and manage the busy case loads effectively.

Since MyCase is a cloud-based solution, customers can access files through the secure web portal from any part of the globe and the firm can share information such as, important calendar dates, documents and invoices. Additionally, with the growing need for time management, MyCase’s collaborative calendaring tool assists the lawyers or the firms to attend to all their scheduled events. Once the case is concluded, the attorneys are no longer required to share their bank details with clients for payment. MyCase manages the entire gamut of financial management operations that include robust billing features, managing trust accounting, time and expenses tracking, invoice creation and reporting. With the comprehensive features, MyCase offers all-in-one management system to the legal fraternity.

The MyCase platform is a comprehensive and intuitive system coupled with a private portal that enables secure client communications

Apart from organizing files with MyCase, attorneys can generate files from saved document templates. With MyCase software, law professionals get an ability to add notes to the clients’ files and even receive real time notification and updates as other staff members establish further advancements in the case.

In one instance, the Fort Worth based, Family Law Attorney, Bob Leonard Law Group, encountered the challenge of managing documents and adopted on-premise management system to reduce their work load. On account of the system not yielding the desired outcomes, Bob Leonard Law Group implemented the cloud based MyCase platform, after receiving a tailored MyCase map for the firm. For the smooth running of two hundred cases at a time and with billing to be done twice a month, their requirement was for a robust system. The result: An optimized, integrated website backed by MyCase, boosted Bob Leonard Law Group’s client satisfaction quotient with efficient and faster office processes and cut down on unnecessary expenditure. “We got great service and it was such an easy program to use from the get-go—very user-friendly,” says Sydney Leonard, CEO at Bob Leonard Law Group.

MyCase plans to continue providing best-in-class f leet of services and conceptualize new products in the legal domain. Further, the company is looking forward to incorporate multilingual, multi-currency support in their law practice management system to increase their footprint globally.


Goleta, CA

Brian Donahoo, President and CEO

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