MyComplianceOffice: Bringing Automated Compliance Solutions onto a Single Platform

The tremendous innovations in technology have unleashed an enormous potential for monitoring conduct of employees and suppliers. When combined with the increasing demands, and the punitive powers of regulators, organizations have a recipe for an exceptionally challenging environment for compliance. But organizations must be compliant or face exposure to significant reputational and financial loss. Proving with evidence, be it paper, email, or spread sheets is difficult because it is often stored and spread across the organization in an unstructured manner that makes it hard to search and uncover the kind of detail required during an audit. Automation on a single platform is the solution.

Helping organizations make the transition is a New York-based company, MyComplianceOffice, offering software solutions that automate the compliance program on a single platform. Brian Fahey, CEO, MyComplianceOffice, remarks that while “compliance may have some expenditure, but non-compliance can cost organizations their reputation. With expenses much lower, businesses can deploy a compliance SaaS solution like MCO within days and actually reduce the cost of ownership and the day-to-day running costs.”

Through 15 years of research and development, MyComplianceOffice has identified the tasks, workflows, and document management functions that form the backbone of any robust compliance program. The firm found that the market offered only two solutions – organizations could have an expensive bespoke deployment or a single-tenant hosted system with limited functionality. This left many firms in the employee compliance space with poor compliance cover and a lack of centralized system of control. As regulation creeped on, firms were left with disparate systems that effectively do the same thing from an IT perspective but are not integrated onto a single platform. Fahey’s team specifically developed their control center dashboard to deliver the level of oversight more typical seen in mission-critical programs.

Our solutions demonstrate how good governance and compliance can be integrated with minimal disruption while simultaneously being a valuable asset for the firm

Brian Fahey, CEO
The MyComplianceOffice team set about to create a platform that delivers on their two key principles. It had to be affordable and on a single integrated platform that could produce the dashboard views to keep clients in control. “Our mission is to enhance an organization’s business reputation. Our services ensure that our clients’ operations meet the regulatory demands placed on their business. They know at a glance that they are on top of their compliance program,” adds Fahey.

“Furthermore, because the compliance reality is often in reaction to a new regulatory issue or impending piece of legislation, we built a modular platform that is adaptable and grows with the organization as the external regulatory environment changes,” notes Fahey. The solution also captures the external market data required to compare the internal firm data with external market data to provide an unparalleled ease of monitoring of the compliance program. “Our solutions help the Governance, Risk, and Compliance team to demonstrate how good governance and compliance can be integrated with minimal disruption while simultaneously being a valuable asset for the firm,” he adds.

The company’s Compliance Program Manager enables the configuration of a new task or workflow within an hour, without the need for the IT department to get involved. The team has been operating globally with users in over 20 countries and a multi-lingual capability to enhance user engagement. They offer Know Your Employee or Conflict of Interest solutions, as well as Trade Surveillance solutions, aimed successfully at financial service firms. “The addition of our Know Your Supplier solution provides a fully integrated Conduct Risk solution to the market,” says Fahey.

About the road ahead, MyComplianceOffice is planning on strengthening their services and extending their worldwide footprint, with the software now being available in any language. “Our services ensure that a company’s operations are reliably compliant, enabling them to consistently and confidently manage the regulatory demands placed on their business,” concludes Fahey.


New York, NY

Brian Fahey, CEO

The firm provides a powerful software program that automates the compliance program activities and demonstrates the organizations culture of compliance