myComply: A New Standard for Worker Training Data Management

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Lee Evans, Co-Founder & CEO
The construction industry is inherently prone to onsite compliance issues as multiple companies try to work together on a project with no efficient way to verify the training completed by each worker on site. The legacy strategies of managing plastic-based worker ID cards, photocopies of certifications, and the lack of efficient digital records management have increased the challenges in proving compliant worksites. Led by construction industry veterans, myComply is a company that provides a digital platform for effective communication of up-to-date worker training information between the stakeholders in a project. myComply brings accountability into worker training as general contractors (GCs), sub-contractors, and construction site workers can electronically store, manage, and verify training certifications on their mobile devices, paving the way for safer sites.

Gone are the days when workers had to carry pieces of paper (certificates) to job sites, with myComply’s freely downloadable mobile app, they can store all their documents in one secure digital location and share them with their employer(s) from anywhere, anytime. “Due to the transient workforce in the construction industry, myComply allows workers to always have their training information handy,” says Lee Evans, co-founder and CEO of myComply.

GCs or building owners can use the free myComply app to create worker profiles for their current employees, draw training information into them, and receive expiry notifications when worker training is nearing expiry. Unique to the construction industry, the vast majority of onsite workers are not employees of the company (be it GC, permit holder, or owner) which is liable for the safety of everyone on the job site. In such a setting, worker training verification doesn't get the prominence it deserves. To address this pain point, myComply allows companies to create projects and link them to the subcontractors to record worker training information digitally. A project allows a GC to gather all of the safety information on every worker or company they are responsible for. In addition, contractors and workers can also upload relevant compliance documents as required.

A top 5 contractor on the ENR400 that has been using myComply on a few dozen of its projects was able to gather worker training information from hundreds of different companies that they work with using one platform.

Due to the transient workforce in the construction industry, myComply allows workers to always have their training information handy

“And when site audits happened on their job sites, their Texas division produced safety training information more efficiently than ever before,” extols Evans.

myComply integrates with sophisticated and comprehensive construction management platforms such as Procore and PlanGrid to further streamline worker training and compliance management. This integration allows clients to quickly upload or import project information and contact from Procore and PlanGrid into myComply. “A GC who already uses Procore can easily access myComply using their Procore login credentials,” informs Evans. This process aids clients to start their information gathering process quicker by importing existing projects into myComply to collect safety information from their subcontractors.

“In addition to the free platform for training data communication, myComply also provides add-on services like the Smart Badge solution, which is a hardhat decal or plastic ID card with embedded near field communication (NFC) chips.” The chip can be scanned using a smartphone to extract the construction workers’ information training and emergency contact numbers.

In the near future, myComply focuses on territorial expansions across the most extensive construction markets worldwide. The company is also developing a solution that assists safety training organizations and OSHA Outreach Trainers in creating a digital representation of their business’s safety course catalog. The solution will work as a digital storefront where clients can list their training courses for their prospective customers and manage student transactions all in one dashboard.


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Lee Evans, Co-Founder & CEO and Mark Wolff, Co-Founder & President and Greg Reimche, Co-Founder & CRO

Offers a free worker training platform for all contractors and other stakeholders to store employee training certifications for easy access and verification