Mylo Solutions: CRM Meets Online Registration

Michael McNally, CEO
Training and education is not just for professional development, but could also be used as a tool for marketing, especially for marketing services. But technology has failed to address the double duty of training and education. Training management and customer relationship management are not typically integrated—or at least, they haven’t been until now. Mylo Solutions has built a SaaS based event management platform that integrates with Salesforce and other third party business systems of record to integrate training and customer relationship management and maintain data on training interactions with customers and leads.

Mylo’s training and event management capabilities include creating a class or marketing event, scheduling it, managing it, and then using Salesforce integration to store the data and report on it. Many of Mylo’s clients already use Salesforce and by using its integration with Mylo, they gain an automated system that tracks their customer training and marketing events and synchronizes the data between their CRM and event management marketing. Per Michael McNally, CEO of Mylo, “The integration of the two systems results in access to the complete attendee data and richly improves their attendee intelligence.” Mylo’s system interacts with Salesforce to automatically create activity records for all the contacts of a client and their leads, enabling clients to rely on reporting provided from Salesforce. Clients can even ask questions during the registration process and the response to a question can be mapped over to Salesforce so the information is recorded on the appropriate record to support rule based rate structures or prerequisite requirements.

A typical case study for Mylo is a client processing registration on two levels—membership and non-membership. Members received discounted pricing and in addition, some classes were provided as a series and the prior class was a prerequisite.

With Mylo our client creates an event or class, schedules it, manages it, and then uses Salesforce integration to store the data and report on events

Though this information was stored and available in Salesforce, it was not processed in any way and Mylo developed a process to take the data from Salesforce, set up the logic to determine if the individual was a member and if they met the requirements, and then initiate the appropriate registration process. Mylo’s capability to track multiple delivery scenarios such as online, webinars, digital libraries, and onsite for the same attendee or student is gaining them new customers in education where students take classes in a variety of formats.

In fact, Mylo is already working on the second generation of their platform to enhance the service they provide to their clients. Currently, the design uses a series of wizards to help clients move through the management steps for each training and event. In the next generation, by integrating artificial intelligence, the Mylo platform will consider how the customer is setting up the event compared to prior events and ask questions. For example, AI may notice that only one of two related steps has been completed. Or if a specific set of steps is used, there is a related action that improves the process. At the end of the day, per McNally, “To be cloud based, you must be service oriented, and that’s not just solving problems on behalf of your clients but forward thinking and considering your clients’ basic needs. It’s not only setting up features that your clients are going to use, but also looking at the functionality and how it is going to fit within their business processes.”

Mylo Solutions

San Jose, CA

Michael McNally, CEO

Provides a SaaS based event management platform to manage data on training interactions with customers and leads

Mylo Solutions