myMeta Software:A Novel Way To Facilitate Digital Adoption

Andrea Rubei, CEO Organizations riding the wave of digital transformation rely on novel digital adoption platforms (DAP) to unlock high returns on their software investments. Like a compass, a DAP guides users through the digital jungle by providing real-time contextual guidance on how to use the software when performing complex business processes.

Following a human-centric approach to driving productivity and simplifying user interactions with technology, myMeta Software is the only DAP in the market that enables large and midsize companies to realize a real blueprint for business success.

myMeta, with over three decades of experience in digital innovation and UX design, empowers companies to create a better experience for every user and helps executives streamline processes and grow their business.

The myMeta platform helps clients navigate Workday and other digital applications conveniently by placing users at the center. Clients can accelerate their digital transformation without elaborate training and onboarding sessions.

Gartner projects that by 2025, 70 percent of organizations will use DAPs across the entire technology stack to deliver a better user experience. myMeta adds value by providing UI and UX overlays to Workday with customized workflows and user experiences, in-application guided learning, analytics and nudging to drive adoption, proficiency, and engagement.

Tailored for Workday

myMeta was designed to help large enterprises across industries enable their staff to comfortably use the latest software applications. Since companies were digitally transforming their HR processes, the cultural change that accompanied this transformation and the additional tools and skills needed to successfully implement and adopt new solutions created a bottleneck. myMeta is the solution to this problem, providing in-app guidance for users to navigate technologies like Workday and embrace digital transformation.

A powerful and comprehensive human capital management platform, Workday has numerous features and logic that can be cumbersome to a new user. They may not require access to a range of Workday features but those specific to their needs. However, unlike on-premises solutions, tailoring the user experience on a cloud platform like Workday is possible to a certain extent. myMeta solves this problem by blending the best of both worlds, keeping user convenience at the core and ensuring the same level of flexibility as their on-premises solutions.

“Similar to how the last mile problem is a bottleneck for delivering a seamless broadband experience, user adoption is the biggest hurdle companies must overcome to derive the maximum value from the software they implement. We have factored in user interests, roles, and needs, and created a oneof- a-kind platform that allows customers to enjoy the benefits of tailor-made SaaS solutions and foster engaging digital adoption experiences,” says Andrea Rubei, CEO of myMeta Software.
Powered by Innovation

myMeta works at the browser level to intercept complex information from Workday and other cloud applications and presents it to users in a clear and comprehensible way.

For instance, if a client has 50 forms on Workday but requires 25, the myMeta platform can hide the remaining forms. It can also present consolidated menus to provide a status update to HR managers at any time.

At the same time, myMeta can uncover any information Workday does not expose by default. This helps clients unlock utmost transparency by gaining access to vital data and increasing the effectiveness of Workday processes. Working at the host level, myMeta allows clients to create new processes and customize Workday without any changes to the code, preserving the integrity of the application.

“It ultimately boils down to how users adopt software to make the most of it. We ensure they feel empowered and drive the digital transformation instead of being driven by it”

Enabling clients to positively transform their Workday implementation and offer a user-centric experience, myMeta empowers HR to onboard the current fluid workforce and efficiently perform employee performance reviews and expense report submissions. myMeta enhances the discovery of process and application use (process and task mining), allowing HR to have greater insight into areas that require explanation or enhancement. Companies with a high churn rate or frequent process and workflow changes also benefit from myMeta.

“It ultimately boils down to how users adopt software to make the most of it. We ensure they feel empowered and drive the digital transformation instead of being driven by it,” says Rubei.

The myMeta platform is designed to become the second skin of any web application, on cloud and on-premise, digitally guiding clients in adopting new technologies and learning how to use them and providing seamless cross-application and multilingual support. This independent and autonomous layer makes the digital adoption process contextual but does not change the performance of the host application.

Platform. Partnership. Technology.

myMeta follows a detailed methodology and best practices while working with clients. It works with clients’ HR teams directly or partners with system integrators like Accenture and Deloitte to support clients in their digital adoption endeavors .

When it comes to working with clients directly, myMeta begins by explaining the scope and breadth of possibilities it provides. The team then understands the critical processes clients’ employees must learn and identifies the causes of errors and inefficiency. To make the user experience more intuitive, myMeta collects UI and personalization requirements and models them using a no-code approach. It devises and designs the application guidance for users using Workday as a host application with a plugin that helps clients record the navigation.

Users can enable the record functionality on the myMeta platform and carry out a process on the host application. Once they have the recorded navigation, they can summarize all the steps and list them. myMeta also allows clients to customize the process and turn the platform on or off at their will.

myMeta registers every click and step involved in the navigation and populates them on a dashboard.
Clients have the flexibility to change the way of navigation and decide where and how to embed instructions in the form of contextual content, video, or a balloon hint, to help users easily perform the operation. They can deploy the application guidance in a test environment so the myMeta team can assess and fine-tune the processes and make changes if required.

In case the process involves the use of other applications along with Workday, myMeta smoothly navigates to those systems, tracks the navigation, pulls it into the same flow chart of the process, and makes the overall process transparent.

myMeta need not guide system integrators as they are already trained in this methodology. They have their HR transformation methodologies in place and are well-versed in using myMeta’s admin console.

myMeta provides support to clients and partners even after deploying the solution by performing application maintenance and equipping staff with training and certification to maintain it independently going forward. myMeta has also created a repository of templates, which clients and partners can leverage to build process navigations faster. Enabling them to use these established blueprints and blocks tailored to specific needs, it facilitates faster time to market for clients and partners.

Evolving with the User

myMeta has helped numerous clients achieve their digital adoption goals and thrive in this high-tech era. One of its clients, a renowned brand selling consumer goods in the food industry, deployed myMeta for its HR management system to streamline the performance review process. Prior to transitioning to myMeta, the client was using Workday and faced difficulties navigating it. Even after long, yearly training sessions, employees failed to remember the steps involved in performing certain processes on Workday.

We Have Factored In User Interests, Roles, And Needs, And Created A One-Of-Akind Platform That Allows Customers To Enjoy The Benefits Of Tailor-Made Saas Solutions And Foster Engaging Digital Adoption Experiences

Using myMeta, the client streamlined Workday operations, saved a huge sum on training, enhanced employee satisfaction, and improved data quality. They could enforce rules through the platform, which was not possible earlier. Today, the client leverages myMeta for around eight applications.

“myMeta is a de facto digital adoption platform for any new application clients deploy,” says Rubei.

Steering ahead, myMeta will focus on expanding its geographical footprint internationally to penetrate the Middle East, Asian, and Japanese markets. It will also continue investing in the product roadmap and innovating to better serve clients and partners. myMeta is geared to make strides to support customers in their digital adoption endeavors and make successful digital transformation a reality.

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Andrea Rubei, CEO

myMeta helps large and midsize companies accelerate their digital transformation journey by adopting technology throughout their organization in a hasslefree manner without the need for massive training and onboarding sessions

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