Mymo Wireless: 4G LTE Technology for IoT and M2M Communication

CIO VendorDr. Sondur Lakshmipathi, Director & CEO
Apart from being a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data, Long-Term Evolution (LTE), particularly for 4G network, delivers the fastest mobile-internet experience till date. Though it is the next stage in mobile network development, the technical and standardization body of LTE technologists are not adopting to the commercial sector requirements fast enough. For instance, adoption of LTE Category-0 based on Release 12, specially defined for IoT and machine to machine (M2M) communication, is slow in ratifying standards. Mymo Wireless, a 4G technology provider offers air interface and protocol stack for LTE UE (User Equipment) with customization support for IoT and M2M market. “Our single focus is to deliver state-of-the-art solutions including the LTE based IoT Chip to customers in different segments of LTE telecom industry with a clear time to market advantage,” says Dr. Sondur Lakshmipathi, Director and CEO, Mymo Wireless.

For customers targeting handsets, high speed dongles, IoT and M2M based chips and products “we put forth 3GPP LTE Release-9 based UE Modem,” says Sondur. The modem conforms to Category 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 specifications. This integrated hardware solution with RF (Radio Frequency) is conformance tested as per TS 36.523 with leading test equipment vendors and interoperated with commercial eNodeBs—an element of a LTE radio access network.
The proven UE Modem solution is a ready reference as a blueprint for IP to silicon.“We deliver a benchmarked performance through complete integration of Layers L1,L2L3, and RF with cross-layer integration and optimization. The solution is ported to customers on popular Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Field- Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), and ARM hardware platforms with competitive footprints,” explains Sondur. The solution is licensable with customization support to silicon vendors, original equipment and design manufacturers with a great TTM advantage.

Mymo Wireless aims to take the trend of 4G LTE technology quite radically. “Also, as the 4G LTE technology emerges, a lot of applications and algorithms are needed to leverage this platform. While implementing each a l g o r i t h m , you have to port it to a DSP, which is time consuming. The people who develop the algorithms usually lack the expertise to program on a DSP. Also, it is necessary to make it optimized to the best performance in terms of cycle-count and memory” says Sondur.

Addressing this very barrier is Mymo technology’s MW2000, which is aimed at enabling design engineers to rapidly prototype their algorithms by cutting short the development cycle. “Essentially, the MW2000 allows designers to iron out the performance issues in the algorithm before coding it for the DSP, so that it needs to be done just once,” concludes Sondur.

Mymo Wireless

Bangalore, India

Dr. Sondur Lakshmipathi, Director & CEO

Mymo Wireless is a 4G wireless company offering solutions on LTE Release 9