MyPRINTCloud: Driving Technology to Address Digital Print and Media Needs

Omar C, CEO
On the second day of signing up with MyPRINTCloud, Arin Ohandjanian of Inside Out Print, Australia, woke up to a surprise. The website of his print business has been transformed into an attractive online store, filled with products, services and offers that his customers could easily buy. “It’s been only 48 hours into configuring my Web2Print store and running an online store could not be more fun than this,” says Ohandjanian with a smile, which MyPRINTCloud is spreading over its satisfied customers in the print business.

“Today, end users are utilizing print in more of a creative way, embellishments have increased as technologies have reduced the cost of post press applications,” says Omar C, CEO, MyPRINTCloud. “Hence print businesses and customers alike are pushing towards online Web2Print technologies and order automation, which quickly reduces the number of steps in the print management process,” he adds.

MyPRINTCloud’s simple and innovative solution — an integrated cloud based PRINT MIS and Web2Print platform primarily allows a print business to setup an unlimited number of easy-to-use web stores some of which are populated with pre designed templates at the front end. “Our single platform solution is simple, instant and comprehensive, you will quickly see for yourself how easy it is to setup and configure,” claims Lucas Eyre, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, MyPRINTCloud.

When a customer steps into the online print store, MyPRINTCloud gets into action. It helps the customer select the products from available designs or manually design it with online design tools. The solution assists customers with automated quotes and estimates for the job throughout the buying process. In the meantime, the CRM module of MyPRINTCloud works at the back end effectively marketing the product and services to visitors with ‘special offers’ and ‘best combos.’

Once the customer gives an order, the single connected information network of MyPRINTCloud takes it to the production teams, automatically notifying the management and other parties in the loop, eliminating the ever-existed communication hurdle.
The solution automatically process invoice and billing, export it to accounts, track the production and finally, the integrated delivery and shipping module handles the remaining processes till the end product reaches the customer.

“MyPRINTCloud automates all key business processes and efficiently manages the complete lifecycle of a print job from the time the customer starts the buying process, through quoting and estimating, ordering, production, distribution to invoicing and shipping,” inputs Lucas. The solution delivers real-time data across business processes associated with the production of a printed product. At any time, managers can obtain accurate analytical statistics about various jobs, costs, customers, inventory, or any other relevant aspect of the business. “This increases efficiency, reduces overheads, improves margins and profitability for the core business,” inputs Lucas.

With over 500 installations across Europe, U.S. and Australia, MyPRINTCloud constantly releases new features based on customer feedback. The company has a 24/7 open support desk to help its clients’ in all aspects of making their web stores function great. “We feel the best ideas come from our customers and their needs. We provide additional services for SEO, CSS editing, creating complex cost centre formulas and management reports, along with comprehensive training material including videos,” says Lucas.

Going forward, the company sees faster turnaround times and more variable data controls being employed across print and other combined media formats. Companies need to position themselves to deliver cross media campaigns with a cohesive and common approach. MyPRINTCloud is preparing itself for this change. But until then, “we’re sticking to our vision of low cost of entry, a simple subscription and upgrade path that provides a full functioning cloud based MIS and Web2Print for printers, print managers and the graphic arts market as a whole,” says Lucas.


Sydney, Australia

Omar C, CEO

Provider of Web2Print, Print Management and Management software solutions for the print and graphics arts community.