MyQuickCloud: Remote Access and Mobility Made Easy

Talal Choucair, CEO
Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) today are adopting new and improved technologies to enhance their business processes and mobilize the workforce. However, IT management has often been one of their biggest struggles as they lack advanced IT expertise and capabilities. “Small business owners are good at their core competencies, but making their applications remotely accessible is a daunting task,” states Talal Choucair, CEO, MyQuickCloud. This is where MyQuickCloud comes in. “With us, SMBs can just click to install our software and be up and running in minutes.”

MyQuickCloud creates a private cloud within an organization’s existing system and makes remote access seamless so they don’t have to migrate to hosted cloud services. It turns Windows-based software into on-demand apps that can be accessed by employees outside the office. “Our product doesn’t change the infrastructure of an organization; it integrates seamlessly with it,” remarks Choucair. “We don’t want organizations to install solutions and then start needing support services to understand how it works. That’s why we give users a simple interface for their MyQuickCloud administration.” The solution doesn’t require any prior technical knowledge, and thus the organizations don’t have to invest in product training for their employees.

Furthermore, all the in-house IT assets of an organization are preserved, and the host-based nature of MyQuickCloud keeps their data centralized. “This allows multiple employees to work at the same time on the same data, and simplifies user migration to new systems,” notes Choucair. MyQuickCloud also addresses impediments users face due to internal policies and legal requirements during system migrations, through their ‘disaster recovery within the Cloud’ option.

The firm also focuses on interoperability and security. To augment the securityof the service, an end-to-end encryption is employed on all transported data including screen images, file transfers, keyboard or mouse input, and character text. “Everything is handled by the MyQuickCloud application; you are not required to have a static IP, open any ports or make firewall changes.

Everything is handled by the MyQuickCloud application; you are not required to have a static IP, open any ports or make firewall changes

All connections are strictly outgoing,” says Choucair. Commenting on interoperability, he adds, “The connection as a host is mainly on Windows Operating System; however users can access our product from Windows, tablets and MAC, delivering interoperability on the client side as well.”

“One of our customers located in a tourist village in Louisiana runs different types of shops—tourist shops with retail sales counters, as well as a few other businesses. For the shops, they were using an accounting package (QuickBooks) and a POS to take payments,” recalls Choucair. The customer needed to keep the POS in the shops but move the QuickBooks to the cloud so that it is always backed up, and also so the business owner could access it anytime. “They started using MyQuickCloud and were able to connect the POS to their cloud QuickBooks, and could run daily reports at the end of the day. The entrepreneur has employed the same set up for three of his businesses.”

“Our clients know that MyQuickCloud provides them with the most reliable and seamless solution for their remote access and mobility needs without the cost associated with other technologies in the market.” MyQuickCloud also plans to build a connected ecosystem for their clients, advisors, and partners where they can exchange expertise, support, and assistance. “A fully HTML file based tool and a remote access API is also in our roadmap—to encourage our partners and advisors build their own solutions.”

Drawing parallels with Amazon, they use their product internally to manage their own infrastructure and remote access. “Technology is a great enabler but the human element of understanding that we add is what makes us unique,” concludes Choucair.


London, UK

Talal Choucair, CEO

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