Nabler: Accelerating Data-Driven Decisions

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Seby Kallarakkal, CEO
As Seby Kallarakkal touches upon the genesis of his company, Nabler, he emphasizes on the tangible connection between data democratization, web analytics data, and visualization for a data-driven business. Launched in 2004 as a digital marketing agency, Nabler soon stumbled upon the thrilling world of web analytics. As the company recognized the surging value of data in yielding meaningful and actionable insights, it decided to embrace a tide of democracy—of data, that is.

With the advancement in data literacy, data availability, and proliferation of BI/ visualization tools, Nabler placed its winning wager on visualization to expedite decision making and uncover opportunities. The company builds insightful dashboards to fuel data-driven decisions, which are tailor-made to track KPIs for everyone within an organization. “We realized that employees other than the senior executives would also love to see their data on an interactive dashboard.

To meet this demand, we created a new brand, Sparklore that focuses exclusively on visualization,” says Kallarakkal, CEO, Nabler.

Designed specifically for visualizing and democratizing organizational data, Nabler’s specialized data visualization wing, Sparklore assists customers to visualize their data by leveraging major BI tools in the market. The process of building data visualization typically starts with running both existing and new solutions for a period and educating the stakeholders through videos, live demos, Q&A sessions to overcome the resistance to adoption of a new product.

The ISO certified firm works closely with IT to meet compliance with all the security requirements while intimating the client on the status of data acquisition. Well-versed with the pros and cons of various tools, the firm also helps clients in consolidating their technology stack for visualization. Focused on maintaining client’s delivery timeline and budget, Nabler splits work into parallel streams to make steady progress and also helps customers leverage investments already made on existing tools. So while an engineer figures out how to consolidate all the data, Sparklore’s visualization consultant puts together dashboards with manually extracted data—reducing the implementation time.

Nabler’s specialized data visualization wing, Sparklore assists customers visualize their data by leveraging major BI tools in the market

Leveraging more than a decade of experience in data analytics, Nabler offers a wide range of dashboards such as ‘sales dashboard’ that assists sales team to visualize the key metrics and dimensions related to their performance. The ‘IT dashboard’ allows leaders to see the raised tickets, the time-consuming tickets, response time, and SLA compliance, whereas ‘social media dashboard’ for marketing displays acquisition and engagement across multiple social channels, and more. The company follows a set of best practices while building all their tools. For example, the tools are equipped with interactive widgets, data discovery, granular data visibility, and unclustered dashboards that help organizations to break down key metrics and harness decision-driving insights.

In an instance, Nabler’s solutions worked wonders for a large professional service provider aspiring to be datadriven. By building a series of sales dashboards, Nabler facilitated a better view of opportunity pipeline, immediately impacting the client’s sales performance. Also, the client experienced a reduction in orphaned inquiries and an increase in response-time and conversion ratio. By replacing spreadsheets with a series of finance dashboards, the client, for the first time, gained true visibility into the financial data and understood company expenses. For operations, the firm extracted data from the legacy manual systems and facilitated visualization of the client’s data for better decision making. Nabler continues to explore new tools in the market and build predictive models for advanced users. The firm is also actively developing small utility tools to compensate for existing gaps within legacy systems and provide a complete solution. Besides its stronghold in North America, Nabler’s Sparklore service offering is gaining traction across Europe and Asia Pacific. Their plan also includes building analytics algorithms for fuzzy data like images, texts, and videos.


Charlotte, NC

Seby Kallarakkal, CEO

Nabler helps enterprises and media agencies analyze digital data to understand customer behavior and enable revenue driving decisions. Founded in 2004, with offices in Charlotte and Bangalore, they have advised some of the top 100 global brands and Fortune 500 firms. They facilitate forecasting in Data Science using seasonal and non-seasonal drivers; detecting anomalies and structural shifts. With pattern detection they identify relevant data elements through pattern analysis, correlation analysis and anomaly detection to give you data quality validation. With feature design, they build features based on pattern identification level shift adjustments, Fourier transforms, associations and regressed features