Nakina Systems: Security & Network Integrity Assurance for SDN Operations Orchestration

Mary O’Neill, CEO
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and the related technology Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technology have the potential for tremendous benefits but also create huge disruptions to security and network operations introducing new, unprecedented challenges. “Nakina has always been at the forefront of helping customers manage through change and technology inflections,” states Mary O’Neill, CEO of Nakina Systems. “SDN and NFV are vital evolutionary steps, however their commercial success rests on the ability to achieve pervasive implementations. Identifying and solving the critical network operations considerations, while bridging today’s networks, is what Nakina does best.” The Canadian-based software company delivers network operations orchestration solutions for SDN, NFV and as well as today’s service provider networks.

“At outset, Nakina was founded with the conviction that the traditional stove-pipe, silo-nature of network management and operations had to change, long before this need was magnified by SDN and NFV,” added O’Neill. The company’s solutions secure and assure network integrity, enabling service and network operations orchestration to work seamlessly.

Recently, Nakina introduced NI-DEFENDER, a new class of network security solution known as a Secure Network Auditing Platform (SNAP). NI-DEFENDER enables security and network operations to keep pace with development operations, and dynamic nature of virtualized, software defined networks. SNAP combines privileged Identity Access Management with continuous network configuration vulnerability scanning, and overlays network behavior analytics with data visualization. It allows service providers to prevent, pinpoint and neutralize network security threats. “SNAP is part of a holistic security and network integrity assurance strategy,” adds O’Neill.“It provides service-driven and contextual security access policies and is the only solution that can scale to the largest service provider networks, while supporting SDN and NFV.”

All of Nakina’s software solutions are built on top of the company’s orchestration enablement platform. NI-FRAMEWORK abstracts network complexity, normalizes multi-vendor management and bridges hybrid physical and virtual networks.
“NI-FRAMEWORK is really what enables our solutions to scale and perform, and what enables network operations orchestration,” says O’Neill.

Our scalable platform seamlessly connects physical and virtual environments, while securing and assuring network integrity for SDN and NFV

As an example, T elcel-the l argest mobile operator in Mexico and part of the America Movil group-is one of Nakina’s many prominent customers. Telcel uses Nakina’s network-wide big data configuration auditing and analytics solutions to collect and analyze millions of service parameters across the operator’s complex, multi-vendor and technology network. The solution, and the resulting business intelligence, helps Telcel pinpoint network configuration errors, assess business impacts, prioritize corrective actions and improve network and service quality and customer experience. “Nakina’s data integrity auditing and analytics solution maintained and enhanced the efficiency of our networks by analyzing many service parameters and reporting discrepancies,” said Enrique Martínez Herrera, Director of Operations and Maintenance, Telcel.

“Nakina values our privileged and trusted relationships we have earned with some of the world’s largest service providers and partners,” said O’Neill. “Our ability to anticipate, adapt and support change helps us sustain our competitive differentiation. And as a result, our solutions such as NI-FRAMEWORK are designed to be platforms for sustained innovation.”

Looking ahead, Nakina plans to continue leveraging new technologies to unlock additional value and benefits for customers. “We will continue addressing emerging needs for business process and network operations orchestration, security and analytics needed as a result of transformational technologies such as SDN and NFV.” concludes O’Neill.

Nakina Systems

Ottawa, Canada

Mary O’Neill, CEO

Security & Network Integrity Assurance for SDN Operations Orchestration