Nanoheal: Enhancing Digital Experience through Automation

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Ray Bruni, VP, Sales & Marketing
There’s a special kind of frustration that occurs when critical programs, like email, crash or security systems fail. Employees are limited in their job functions, which means IT is expected to provide prompt solutions despite any other priorities they may have. This common situation can easily result in a loss of productivity, a drop in morale and a poor experience for everyone involved. Nanoheal is tackling this issue through automation. “Using real-time analytics, we can see the biggest pain points users experience on their devices. That information allows our team to create automations that can resolve extremely frustrating situations with the click of a button,” said Ray Bruni, VP of Sales & Marketing, Nanoheal. The firm works closely with service integrators, enterprises, managed service providers, and premium tech support companies to create automations to materially improve the experience for each organization’s users.

Bruni stated that as soon as a customer comes onboard, his team tries to identify the low-hanging fruit, meaning easy-to-automate tasks that can instantly simplify user experience. The team then uses over 300 automation templates to create the best solution for the client’s needs. Examples of issues frequently solved by automation range from trivial issues such as cleaning disk space, streamlining browsers or resetting passwords up to potential disasters, including security threats or revenue threatening system crashes. “The vital factor that differentiates us from our industry peers is our patented self-healing platform,” Bruni added further. In addition to creating agent- and user-initiated automations, Nanoheal’s technology detects and resolves issues without any human intervention. It is this ability that brings many companies to Nanoheal.

Recently, Nanoheal helped in the mitigation of a critical business challenge for a large tech services company. Although the company was notified of application crashes and anomalies in the network through its portal, it did not have a way to quickly resolve the issue.

When used in tandem with data and analytics, automation is the best tool for enhancing a user’s digital experience

The IT helpdesk was usually flooded with tickets demanding action, but little could be done on the crisis management front. The client sought Nanoheal’s assistance to establish a solution that would ease frustration and provide a better experience. The collaboration resulted in a holistic, automation-powered resolution that not only detected application crashes, but also ensured recovery and prevented work disruptions to the best possible extent. The helpdesk’s average customer service rating went from 3.2 to 4.0 (out of 5.0) in just six months.

“The biggest misconception in the market right now is that automation is meant to reduce the number of tickets IT receives. It’s like saying a smartphone can only make phone calls when they’re capable of so much more,” said Bruni. “When used in tandem with data and analytics, automation is the best tool for enhancing a user’s digital experience.” Bruni further explained Nanoheal’s ability to transition IT teams from reactive responses to proactive strategies. Instead of relying on users to report incidents, the platform allows IT to have complete insight into the EUC environment. Empowered with this information, IT can work with Nanoheal to create automations that will positively impact the users’ experience.

Nanoheal partners with seven out of the top ten IT service providers,which bears testimony to its ability to improve user experience through self-healing, self-service and agent-assisted automation. The organization looks forward to cementing its position across many parts of the globe.


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Ray Bruni, VP, Sales & Marketing

Nanoheal delivers digital device automation software for service integrators, enterprises, managed service providers, and premium tech support companies