Nanorep: Bridges the Gap between Businesses and Consumers

Eli Campo, CEO
Recently, the management at the Mountain View, CA-based Mint Bills—Intuit’s bill-paying solutions company— wanted to help customers easily see and pay bills in an all-in-one consolidated place. However, to implement this process they needed a full-service solution capable of replying to payment-related customer queries in an automated, but not confined and pre-scripted, manner. After scrutinizing prospects, Mint Bills approached Nanorep—an innovative software service firm that specializes in personalized, digital customer support featuring cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.

Nanorep worked with the firm, using their well-built rechanneling strategy to appropriately and efficiently escalate the relevant queries to the right channels and offer immediate responses. By implementing Nanorep in the “Payments” section of their website pages, Mint Bills were able to reduce their call center volume by 45 percent and increase overall efficacy, with 70 percent of queries resolved through self-service.

“Today’s consumers are smart, tech-savvy, and infinitely more connected. It’s a fast-paced world, and we prize individuality and independence, and you see that reflected in the dramatic rise in self-service, which has been shown to be the preferred approach,” posits Eli Campo, CEO at Nanorep. Since its inception, Nanorep has redefined the digital self-service experience by providing end-to-end tailored, conversational guidance for every customer at their moment of need, with real-time answers to inquiries. The Nanorep agile solution resolves any issue, including those requiring personalization and specific account information, such as questions regarding billing or order status. The technology vastly improves the customer experience, and businesses in turn immediately benefit from customer insights aggregated by the Voice of the Customer (VOC) capabilities. “When customers feel understood and valued, they become evangelists, spreading the company name and brand worldwide,” remarks Campo.

Beyond identifying with a culture of appreciating customers and providing excellent service, Nanorep is differentiated by the caliber of its technology with machine-learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and the intelligent customer analytics solution to capture customers’ expectations, intentions, and preferences with every interaction.

Our ‘Voice of the Customer (VOC)’ analytics is the finger on the pulse of the client’s customers

VoC captures customers’ inquiries in a visual format, documenting every time customers seek guidance, ask a question, or look up information. This detailed, visual portrayal enables discovery of knowledge gaps in existing content, empowering agents and content managers to optimize content and improve the customer experience. “With our VOC, clients can slice and dice their customers’ voices according to any context, geo-location, or customer profiles,” says Campo, adding, “You can monitor customer queries for shifts in trend or sentiment.” Additionally, Nanorep’s NLP automatically groups similar topics together, opening up a clearer picture of the issues concerning the client’s customer base.

The company’s solution is platform-agnostic, meaning that the clients can use it simultaneously with any CRM, live chat, virtual agent, or other service solution. Its smart channeling feature provides ubiquitous help and assistance with on-demand guidance through the customer’s entire digital journey.

“We are looking into developing a ‘dynamic-conversational experience’,” explains Campo. Nanorep believes that the industry is moving from labor-driven, technology-enabled solutions to being digital-driven and human-enabled, and with years of experience honing solutions in the field, the company aspires to lead the charge. Businesses use Nanorep to perfect digital guidance so that customers may seamlessly interact with organizations about service issues at any of multiple touchpoints in the journey: even from within other platforms. “Our vision sees widespread use of digital guidance, improving the customer experience for consumers worldwide, and resolving more than 90 percent of customer inquiries to great satisfaction,” he concludes.


Long Island, NY

Eli Campo, CEO

Provides end-to-end tailored, conversational guidance through an effortless digital self-service experience for customers at their moment of need