Nanosphere Health Sciences: Patented Nano-particle Delivery

Dr. Richard Clark Kaufman, Chief Science Officer
Unprecedented growth and advancement in the field of nanotechnology in the recent past has revolutionized the approach to medical science. Research in this area has lead to an increased optimism and multitude of potentials in diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases. Nanotechnology’s therapeutic efficacy ensures maximum improvement and an extensive positive impact on human health. Therefore, with a technology that can resolve low bioavailability and therapeutic challenges of the medical industry, NanoSphere Health Sciences–a Colorado-based nano-biotechnology company has developed a new patented “Smart Lipid Nanoparticles” to improve the efficacy of drug formulations.

The firm’s innovative nano-encapsulation technology platform is known as the NanoSphere Delivery System™. This delivery system platform enables efficient delivery of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cannabinoids and cosmeceuticals to target receptors by intraoral, transdermal and intranasal routes of administration.

Recipient of two patents and the Technology Innovation Award by Frost and Sullivan, the firm has been appreciated for its nano-encapsulation technology due to its capability of better delivering biological compounds across applications that include pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceuticals, over-the-counter medications, animal health, cannabinoids and beyond. “We have solved a complicated problem of nanoencapsulation through our delivery system which is completely scalable, customizable and cost effective,” states Dr Richard Clark Kaufman, the Chief Science Officer of Nanosphere Health Sciences.

Utilizing commercial phospholipids–such as the Lipoid Phospholipon 80 and fluid lipids that are completely natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable, NanoSphere Health’s nano-encapsulation technology enables exceptional intracellular dispersion and constancy. Routes delivering patented NanoSpheres can be intra-oral, intra-nasal or transdermal. The skin and buccal oral mucosa and nasal cavity olfactory region act as transfer agents that enable increased bioavailability, bioactivity and therapeutic potential.
This innovation has especially proven handy for the cannabis industry. The firm’s revolutionary invention of the Evolve Formulas Transdermal NanoSerum, delivers cannabinoids via skin, and provides immediate solutions for localized pain, inflammation, and anxiety. According to experts, it takes ten minutes to deliver relief from pain and anxiety in a short span of time. It’s beneficial if used at pulse-points as it brings about a relaxed and calming effect. In cases of athletic injuries, the NanoSerum has provided respite from pain and a complete aversion to opioids. Clinical tests have revealed that people have been rejecting the adverse effects of drugs and are looking towards leading this pain free life.

Nanosphere is pioneering “N2B” Nose-to-Brain delivery of cannabinoids in viscoelastic gels that entirely bypass the restrictive blood-brain barrier. Onset of actions occurs in about 90 seconds. Applications of N2B for the pharmaceutical industry are immense, including the treatment of brain cancer, dementia, Parkinsonism, behavioral problems and neurogenic pain.

Looking to go global, especially in Canada and in the European community, Nanosphere Health Sciences is expanding in the pharmaceutical, and cosmeceutical space. “Our plan is also to reintroduce nutraceuticals, cannabinoids and pharmaceuticals with our patented NanoSphere nanoparticle delivery to improve pharmacokinetics and therapeutic outcomes while reducing adverse effects,” mentions Kaufman.

The focus also lies in getting a license in the cannabis industry, in every state in the United States. Since every state has different regulations for growing, packaging and selling, Nanosphere Health Sciences will be enlisting the help of attorneys to control the proper ability to make products according to their standard formulations under the commercial brand–Evolve Formulas. The company already has four licensing agreements with the US companies under which it has delivered the machine line and even trained production technicians to help these companies develop and distribute Evolve-branded products. NanoSphere’s game-changing, disruptive nano-encapsulation delivery technology outperforms competing solutions by providing significant biocompatibility, safety, efficacy, and versatility. Therefore, the strong adoption of the NanoSphere Delivery System across numerous applications that need efficient active ingredient delivery, stipulates the firm’s vision and growth.

Nanosphere Health Sciences

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Dr. Richard Clark Kaufman, Chief Science Officer

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Nanosphere Health Sciences